Jan 11

rocky snow workout

For those of you reading who are actively trying to lose weight, how did you do this Christmas? As someone who has always fallen off during the last month of the year due to rich foods, the pool table, and whatever new video game I was trying to beat, I issued myself a challenge this year – could I come back from Christmas better than I did going in?

This year I tried something new to keep me on point; I decided that Christmas was about family, therapy and a return to myself instead of the feast of the year coupled with gift-giving. I can honestly say that now, having done that, it was the best Christmas I have ever had. I feel like a million bucks, my muscles are primed and set to keep my workout going and my stomach is a bonfire.

What I did to feel this way was to wake up every morning and do an hour worth of cardio, meditate afterwards and mixed in a trip to the sauna. The morning was dedicated to fitness and I would shower the bad toxins off of my body and resume standard, lazy, holiday activity the rest of the day. For the days when I was sorest I would play XBox 360 Kinect – trust me on this the game Kinect Adventures and Dance Central 2 are enough to ninja 400+ calories off of you in a session.

The most important part of this is that I kept on moving, every morning, and it did not take anything away from my vacation. Look, even the days that I slept in I still made it outside to do my repetitions, I was off of work so why worry about the time of day?! Wake up, train, heal, eat, have fun, relax, then sleep. This was how I did it and I took advantage of free time that I am not afforded throughout the year.

Many people make excuses for fitness even when they are on vacation with the phone off and the email bouncing out-of-office messages back. If you are a busy professional you absolutely MUST take advantage of your free time in a constructive way or all the New Years Resolutions in the world will not save you. I was able to do it by making a plan, being serious about it and sticking to it and it made me accomplish something I had so much trouble with before.

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