Aug 07


Did you ever think that luxury hangers would be something that you would need in your closet? If you answered no to this I will let you know right now that your game may not be where it needs to be. Let me explain.

One thing that men tend to neglect above anything else in their dress and day-to-day habits is the attention to detail when it comes to life’s trifles. A sophisticated gentleman is noticed not because of the expensive suit he is wearing—granted he does get some looks for it—but the accessories and his attention to the little trifles are what put him over.

As men we look at things like shoes, socks, belts, watches and cufflinks as fluff items that are hidden away by our clothes, so we say “why bother to spend money and time getting the best when nobody will notice it”. The bad thing about this attitude is that people DO notice it even when they think that they don’t. A well-dressed man who takes pride in the care of his clothes sticks out. This is why an item that seems so trivial – like a hanger is so important.

Hangers, but I have hangers…

Take a look at these beautiful luxury hangers (in the image below) from my collection and then imagine your suits–the same suits you spent a mint on—being hung by them in a nice row within your closet. Now tell me that you Mr. Single and Fly would not completely dazzle the bird you brought home if she goes snooping at your vines and runs into all that wood hanging with your drapes. You’re damn straight she would be floored because she will know that you are James Bond clean. You have the sort of hangers that keeps your suits safe and for that you are a pretty big deal.


There is a feeling that comes over you when you pull out your suit to attend an important event and even the hanger is looking like a million bucks (trust me on this one; I am speaking from experience here). You slip the coat off and ready the pants and you know that in about a half an hour you are about to the sharpest bastard in attendance. Cheap hangers don’t do this to you – they don’t prepare your mental for dazzling your lady (or THE ladies if you’re single). Nothing compares.

If you are serious about stepping your game up to the next level and are willing to put up a few dollars, I would suggest that you treat your suit(s) and pants to some worthwhile luxury hangers. Nobody does hangers like Kirby Allison’s The Hanger Project. I recently picked up a set of their hangers and to say that upped my game a bit is an understatement.

It is life’s trifles that put you in that “other” category of Alpha gentlemen. You want your cufflinks to be different, your shoes polished, and your belt making her wish she could snatch it off of you. These are the things that puts us on that other level. In plain English, it builds space-aged confidence. Why not BE that other guy and invest in luxury? I mean, if there’s a draft out there my friend come on in!

I would love to hear from my men out there who go that extra mile. Have these extra accessories made a difference in your life and confidence? And, well. how are the hangers in your closet my friends? Are they as spectacular as the vines you have hanging in there? Do tell.

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