Mar 22

You all know the narrative, a weak good guy gets burned, swallows the Red Pill, vows to stop “lovin’ dem hoes” and becomes a cannibalistic wolf to future women. Though this happens a bit to both genders, when a man gets burnt it’s a lifelong scar that he never recovers from… isn’t it? Well Issa Rae has started a web series to tell the tale of the Wolf-kind in a very funny way (I know I was laughing watching it) so we felt it only right that we shared this little gem of a show with you.

One time for the poor SOB who got put to sleep at 5:21, somebody throw some cold water on that boy and tell him to get back in the fight! No seriously, this is a funny take on a very real transformation that happens every day. Dogs aren’t born, they are made or trained, and while many of the guys in the video came off as suckers – it is very real how their niceties are taken advantage of which result in them becoming the very men that women have a love/hate relationship with.

Have you been turned in life men, or are you still fighting the good fight as a “nice guy”? I eagerly await part 2, especially to see the newly trained pack reverse the game on the women.

Don’t Blame The Women, These Men Are Terrible!

It’s really easy to go into this with a victim’s attitude opining the plight of the good guy and those mean girls who diss them, but the men have some blame in this. The 1st bird obviously is hood as hell and wants a dude that can beat her ass in both ways… why would you make a picnic for this woman let alone date her?

The 2nd chick wants a man who can take her out to eat… didn’t see much problems with this scenario except that the whole story wasn’t shown. If dude was a beast in the kitchen I guarantee she wouldn’t be bitching about him cooking. Broke people eat out quite a bit too, so this example missed the mark – still, don’t date a gold digger if you are not prepared to cake her with gifts and use her for sex. Just saying, it’s how the game should be played.

The 3rd guy is the only one who gets any sympathy from me, he loved this woman and she decided to get some strange with the knowledge that he would catch her. This guy is a punk, no other way to put it. If anybody needs wolf lessons it’s the 3rd guy because not only did his girl emasculate him, but the other guy put him to sleep in his own house. If he was a Samurai he would have to cut open his stomach in disgrace.

So what did you think of this video? Funny, offensive, or spot on?

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  • Lonnie F

    It’s cool that somebody is making these kinds of videos, but I didn’t like it too much. It’s a little hokey to me, but it’s not bad. On the first part that chick wants someone to argue with. She doesn’t really want to be checked. That other dude is arguing in public of all places. He shouldn’t be arguing at all. If a woman is checked correctly, there’s no argument it diffuses the situation. This is definitely produced from a woman’s perspective.

    Second chick, she was with him for a reason. He’s a reflection of her game. Don’t be mad now, be mad then. Damn right I’m broke. I never did nothin nice? I broke some of this nice dick off.

    For the last part, people get killed for less than that. Also, we’re supposed to assume that after 3 months it’s cool for somebody to move in. If it’s my spot and I’m not there then nobody is there. It would take many tangibles and a lot of cooperation for me to trust somebody in my spot like that.

    So what I wonder is for the next part whether these cats are gonna be about “game” or if it’s just gonna be what women think the game SHOULD BE (ie. w/ the kid gloves). I probably check women too much. My pop let nothing slide and it took me a while to get here but now I’m just like him in that sense. Not sure how I would’ve handled #3 though. These scenarios are all snapshots. Just a couple of tidbits/caveats added to each could make a difference.

    The best thing about it is these dudes realize the need for game. If this was from a man’s view 2 of them probably would have rejected a switch-up.

    • Shaun’s Girl

      Lonnie, you’re definitely hardcore. Unfortunately, you don’t fall into the same category as these guys. They really are good-hearted, non-woman-hating, nice men. I’m going to lean with you on the comment you “probably check women too much” and cross the lines of verbal abuse more often than you think. All men are not the same… just like all women are not the same. This show was created and written by a friend of mine – a heterosexual man – who wanted to show his perspective. It’s a comedy. Don’t read too much into it. Just stick around and laugh if you find something funny. That’s all.