Oct 27

Let’s face it, beauty can strike a man weak and beautiful women make for nice posters, magazine spreads and wallpaper, but there’s nothing like sexiness to trump the power of beauty.

What I am getting at is a bit complex to explain but I can use a real world example to show you my meaning. If a woman is sexy, or has become sexy through clothing, walk, talk or working out, she can convince a man to be nuts for her a lot faster than anything else a woman can do.

Now some of you men will argue that “ya but you have to wake up to that face in the morning” but I assure you that a woman’s aura can make you so drunk as to bypass all that “what if” nonsense and before long you will be the guy that has all the cute girls wondering “why is that good looking guy with that girl?”

Tina the Butter-faced Office Assistant

To explain how the aspect of sexiness can bewitch a man, I will recall a memory from my past where a rather plain looking gal had us (men in the office) going crazy in less than a month.

Tina was a new hire who wouldn’t win any beauty contests by a long run, but she had a set of weapons on her that made her a contender to any Wolf worth his salt. She had the best legs that you could ask for, hourglass figure and she liked to wear V-neck blouses that revealed her cleavage.

Within a few days men were admitting to wanting to take Tina for a spin. These same guys who had jokes about her looks on the first day had probably walked behind her at one point, saw the hips sway on that sexy body and had no choice but to admit that it was Tina’s body they were imagining when they had sex with their wives. Typical conversation when she walked by was along the lines of:

Sal: Did you see what Tina had on today?
Vic: Jesus, I’m not blind
Sal: She knows how to work those things.
Vic: No Doubt.

While typically this is the extent of the interaction with Tina, since professional men will gawk from afar. Fact of the matter is if it came down to it Tina became the fantasy dream for men in the office over the other pretty girls that worked there.

This is just one example, I challenge any man reading to say that he hasn’t wanted to have alone time naked with a butter-face girl from school, work, or events.

This is to show that a woman who wasn’t blessed with good looks can still very easily pull any man she wants if she can get our lower juices flowing mentally. It is why you will see men who you think should have a Top-Model marrying and having children with women you consider plain or ugly.

Sexiness trumps beauty – which is normally a luxury of the young. Just think about it, sex appeal is a powerful drug that no man is immune from.

So if you don’t naturally have it, just work those hips ladies, you better believe that we’re damn sure looking!

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    • Thank you! Love your site, I’m going to have to stop in on you periodically to see how you girls view The Game and the players involved ;).