Nov 19

A million years ago I was a nerdy kid programming QBasic games on my Packard Bell 286 and learning more and more about bulletin board systems. I was hooked on BBS after the muscular running back of my football team introduced me to them (go figure, you think nerds are skinny and weak huh). Anyway I was on people’s boards playing text based games, chatting it up with like-minded nerds and keeping it to myself so not to draw the blank stares and confused looks that most people would give me at this BBS thing. The last one I visited was prior to college and after I logged off I went to lead a 4 year span of clubs, women, Hip Hop and scholarship. 3 years later this internet thing blew up and websites were all the rage as information became accessible at the tip of our fingers. While my buds used the library’s computer room to watch rented anime and look up dirty pictures, I was figuring out how to build the Hall. When I discovered Geocities and the ease of translating a Photoshop image into a website, I got hungrier and taught myself HTML. At the time I thought it was a new fad but little did I know it would become one of the lifelines of the modern age. This internet, after the bulletin board systems was my new love and I was locked into tunnel vision.

The Wild Wild West

Now with the advent of Social Networking and the advancements in making things less techy and more user-friendly, literally everybody is on the internet. It is the Wild Wild West where brigands help themselves to licensed movies, music and photographs at ease. It is a wasteland of candid images of celebrity crotch shots, magazine scans and disgusting, gag-worthy pics. This Wild Wild West may eventually get policed but right no9w, in all of its rawness I love it and would not have it any other way.

Without the internet the private musings of this author would not get views outside of paying a ton of dues and printing on books or making an actual attempt at getting hired at a magazine that censors your greatness in order to make it palatable. No, this information age and it’s internet makes me excited, it is our gold rush, our renaissance, our identity.

Do you find yourself being excited about the age that you live in or do you take it for granted? I would love to leave my name in this matrix of information by helping people get better, but through what portal – that remains to be realized. Take a second and reflect on the excitement of it all, I know that I am not the only one who has watched an old film and pondered at what they did to pass the time back then.

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