Feb 10


There are two frequently searched terms that I see monthly coming to this website: “why are women unfriendly at the gym?” and “how to attract guys in the gym”. Isn’t it amazing that these questions—obviously from members of the opposite sex—are asking about one of the most controversial aspects of gym membership? For every ten women that are convinced that guys only go to the gym to ogle them for being fat or sexy, there is one that wants to use her gym membership to make a love connection.

On the opposite side is the serious lifter who could care less about how many women are in his gym, what they look like, and whether or not they are looking at him. The irony of it all is that the person asking “how to attract guys in gym?” is probably attracted to this “serious lifter” as opposed to the guys that are in their staring holes into any woman that they assume isn’t looking.

I am of the opinion that the gym is for lifting, getting physically fit, and for the more social of butterflies, a place to meet people of similar interests. A gym is not a meat market and if you are going there for the same reason you attend a night club, or social gathering, then you will find yourself sorely disappointed.

Serious lifters use the gym as a tool to get bigger, stronger, and faster. The people who get in the way of that become more of a nuisance than an asset to their gym time and this is why you see so many articles on:

  • I can’t workout because all of the men look at my ass.
  • January gym newbs taking up the equipment.
  • Weird guy that stares at other guys while they lift.
  • Woman that wears makeup to the gym and walks slowly on the treadmill while on her phone.
  • Skinny expert that tries to correct my form because he read it on bodybuilding.com.
  • I hate male gyms because they stare at my fat rolls.

Annoying people at the gym is what makes a series like BroScience as popular as it is. Everyone that likes to actually work out will not have an answer for “how to attract guys in the gym”.

If you want answers to the question of attraction and unfriendly women in the gym, I can tell you the best solution to both. Shut up and work out. Rude, I know, but it is honestly the best thing to do. The sexiest women in the gym no matter their size are the ones who are sweaty, smelly, and getting it done for the 45 minutes that they are in there. The sexy occurs after they leave.

Just because you find the tights and short shorts sexy does not mean that you should sacrifice your reps in order to stare at a woman’s ass in the mirror. Work out! On the flipside, contrary to popular belief, a guy that is serious about his workout will not notice your popping lipstick and slow motion toe-touches in front of him if he’s under 4 plates on the bench press. You will have to catch him on his painful escape out of there after he’s sweaty, damaged, and breaking for his car.

Love connections can happen anywhere but I cannot tell you a lonelier place than the gym for someone that is interested in improving their body. It is not the place to “hook up” no matter how much you love hard bodies; it is the place to get in shape while tolerating other lifters.

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