Dec 15

Complacency and closed-mindedness is the quickest way to becoming a boring person even worse a boring boyfriend/husband. If you want to make your lady really cling on to you along with being the envy of her girlfriends you have to become interesting. Being interesting means the willingness to include her into the things that you would normally assume she has no interest in. You have to try crazy things with her and you have to have an edge. As you read this you probably question my meaning in these vague tidbits of advice, the main thing is to avoid being Al Bundy – on the couch, watching football predictable and boring.

You’re never gonna survive unless you get a little bit crazy

While she may get upset at you for putting her in the way of danger, your lover may also f-ck your brains out for going berserk on a guy that disrespected her in front of you. Sure blacking out on a waiter may come off as a dick move, the fact of the matter is he tried her and you can gauge that he values his job over his manhood. Choose your situations and bark on a jackass who overstepped on either you or her and she will think that you have enough “crazy” in you to keep her on her toes. Trust – a woman wants to be on her toes, she doesn’t want to know that you are 100% safe and afraid of the law. She wants to think that when it comes time to dance in battle, you will put the laptop down, don armor and sword, and hop to it like Maximus.

What the hell lets NIKE!

NIKE has the slogan “Just Do It”, this should be applied to activities with your woman but not on a consistent basis. The key to mystery is in not being easily read, if she wants to go to an Adult novelty store with you – something she assumes you’d want as a guy – say no. If she wants to go look at clothes in the Mall, play ball and steer her to the lingerie section and make her feel like the sexiest woman in the world. If you’ve been sleeping with her for years and its hard to get excited about seeing her in that light then it’s time to put on your actor’s hat and pretend she’s Keri Hilson or Beyonce Knowles. Dote on her, make her feel awesome and be THAT guy for a day. Keep it sporadic but when it comes to either turning things down or accepting, keep it in the context of her… keep her as the central subject and play it how you want ie:

“I don’t want to go to the mall, I have a lot to do and the last thing I want to do is ruin your time by stressing.”

“Of course I want to go sky-diving, I’d love to hear the cute little noises you’ll make out of fear”

“You know I love to see my baby smiling, of course I’m down with going”

Be Attentive but Aggressively Ambitious

Women love ambition in men, we are seen as the protectors, the earners and the force behind the relationship. When you falter in these roles you begin to look less attractive to her subconsciously. This is why it is important to let her know just enough to give an idea of progress. You’re “working on some things”, you plan to work at that job “until I have what I need to flip this money”. This is the type of speech pattern you take when describing your business to your girl all the while doing your thing to make your dreams a reality. Do not burden her with the boring, negative details or confuse her with the techie details (unless she’s as into it as you are). If she can be a part of your dream then partner her up and have her help multiply your assets. If she’s into other things then all she will need to know is that you are on your grind, she’ll support it in her own way and will be happy to tell her people how great you are etc.

The key to all of this is to be interesting, not a con-artist, not a douchebag and surely not an obvious liar. When you see the spark of interest and wonder fade from your lady’s eyes then you have failed to remain relevant and it may be time to take an interest into something that she has been begging you to for years or get an edge on your soft, sappy demeanor. Unlike us guys who like reliability in our ladies, our better halves want spontaneity along with that reliability so stay frosty and rock her world daily.

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