Mar 03

If you were to ask me to define motivation, I would say that motivation is a methodology of psyching oneself out in order to stay the course in whatever one’s objective may be. When you think of the athlete that has to make the big play or the business man that has to go in there and convince the bank to give him a loan for his dream to come true, you can kind of envision those guys in the bathroom looking in the mirror telling themselves “you’re the greatest, you’re the greatest, you’re the greatest,  you can do it” etc. but it’s all the same because what they’re actually doing is psyching themselves out and letting themselves believe that they are the greatest, even though they may not be as great as someone else. Still, they need to believe that they are the greatest in that particular moment, in order to go out there and perform to their utmost ability.

Motivation comes in the way of different things and people get motivated for different reasons. Some may get motivated out of hate and revenge while some get motivated out of love. For some, motivation is a lot more complex –  it’s long term, it’s been built over a number of years, they’ve developed this morality that drives them to stay the course, because so much has led up to this point. Recently I was asked “Hey Greg, how are you able to create plans and stay motivated throughout? I am curious being that I am a person who has to constantly see results and reap rewards to finish?” my answer to him was that it may be a personality thing, it may even be a difference in perspective  but I know that what works for me is psyching myself out on a daily basis.

Working as much as I do, one has to stay motivated or it’s very easy to just throw everything away and say screw it, I give up, I would rather sit here deal with things as they come and just live life for today. It’s very easy to get to that point; I would say that it’s the default mindset of everyone. It is just too painless to play the cards that we are dealt without bullying up for more. For someone like me who desires much more than that, this isn’t a reality that I can face. I was not blessed with a privileged life, a trust-fund safety blanket or any kind of support. I know that as a grown man, anything that I desire must be forged, tempered and cooled by my own hands. So with this knowledge I know that I have to stay the course or risk eternal unhappiness.

I must stay motivated continuously every single day and to do this, I find creative ways to keep the actual grind off of my mind. I don’t concentrate on the end goal, the end goal is set in place and I’ve already mapped out a course to attain it. But in order to follow that course without being distracted or dissuaded, I find ways to make the trip fun. Others see my motivation as simply more work but I use whatever it takes to make the trip bearable.

If I were to give an example of using positive motivation, consider this – what if someone told you that you will get 3 magical wishes if you were to run a 10 mile stretch every Friday into town. You have to make this run for the remainder of the year. Many people will throw their hands up in the air early, and others will drop off when the boredom sets in from the routine. For my motivation I would probably bring along a personal recorder and create articles for this site as I did my run. This would make the run seem shorter, it would gain me material and it would make me look forward to the run every Friday. You have to find a way to make it painless, some people sing songs, I like to plan for the future. Do whatever motivates you.

In the end you just have to dig deep and find your spark, and not only your spark but your lifeline and figure out what keeps it flowing. Once you know what makes your clock tick, then you can manipulate it into motivation.

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