Mar 24

So the woman you like is a tomboy and you obviously dig her but are unsure on how to go about courting her. This is probably due to your assumption that all of the cliché girly things would probably seem corny to her. Well the thing about that whole line of thinking is that you are probably wrong. Sure you both make fun of guys that you see doting on their girlfriends but deep down under the cynical outer shell, this tomboy is a girl. Treat her very much the same way you would a girly girl, but keep things a bit more realistic.

Based on experience, you hanging out with her and sharing things that you both like has already confirmed the fact that she likes you too. Now does she like you for a potential boyfriend? That will remain a mystery until you come forward and express your love to her. While a girly girl won’t waste time pretending to like basketball and shooting pool with you, the tomboy will legitimately think that she is “one of the boys” unless you let her know. So beating around the bush and assuming that it will get there organically may lead to deeper trouble when some other guy comes along and claims her right under your nose.

Just tell her you like her, Tomboys are girls too

You are already within her circle so pull her to the side one day and let her know your feelings. Tomboys are like one of the boys, she will either hop to it and assume the role or she’ll  let you know that she isn’t interested. At the end of the day isn’t that the easy answer that you seek? Sure rejection sucks but nothing sucks more than thinking a chick that you’re kicking it with isn’t interested in dudes only to have her pop up one day pregnant by some douchebag that you don’t approve of. Claim your tomboy ASAP and don’t leave anything to chance. Remember women and men can barely read each other so say your piece and let her choose.

I was kicking it with a beautiful Tomboy back in my younger years, afraid to step up due to rejection and happy enough as a loser to just be in her company. My feelings grew for her the more we hung out and I started to become depressed as I felt like a loser every time one of my boys would ask me if I was “busting that yet”. So one night I threw caution to the wind and pushed the issue, sure nuff’ she was feeling me all along and we both were in limbo “hanging out” in case of more. I lucked out and bagged her for myself when the reality was that had I continued silently she would have been with some other guy and leaving me to feel even more like a loser.

You have to step to a woman you like guys, it’s that cut and dry. Tomboy or not, a woman expects a man to be the pursuer and if you wait too long she will be scooped up right under your nose. So forget the tomboy label, forget how cool she as a woman and ask her out like you would any other woman. Remember, the worst thing that she can say is no.

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  • Hawk

    This is straight true. My girlfriend, who despite being forbidden to speak with me is still finding communication methods, is a tomboy. Even though she lives about a thousand miles away from me (had a map to determine it), I was able to get her to say yes to being a romantic girlfriend. I suppose this means that people will in most situations act online as they would off line.

  • Cage

    This is 100% true! I have a Pretty Tom boy who i like so much secretly and i think she does too but sometimes hard to determine. I think i gotta tell her my feelings. It’s been close to a 8months now since we have been hanging out, Damn!

  • Scarlett o hara

    I totally confuse men by having such a “girlie girl” exterior, that few ever picture me as being a super competitive and athletic “outdoors” girl until
    they actually see it.
    Men’s constant disbelief about my sporting achievements used to make me angry but now I just accept it.