Jan 12


Alright boys, listen up… I’m about to give you two ways to keep your lady satisfied without very much effort:

One: Every phone call/text deserves a response.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a workaholic, have multiple jobs, or are knee deep in the entertainment industry, we need a response. If you have time to eat and drive to where you are going, you should have time to respond to her. A ten second message to let her know that it will be a while before you can engage her in an actual real conversation will get you a lot further than just blowing her off and apologizing about it a couple days later.  Even if it’s a quick call on your way to a meeting, putting in those few seconds will buy you hours of time to yourself.

Example: All it takes is a quick “oh, hey, just wanted to let you know that I got your call, but I’ve been busy today with meetings and stuff.  I will give you a call sometime this week…”  Giving a lengthy time-frame to call back is very acceptable. She’s not your girl so there is no need to commit to talking to her daily. But be sure to follow through within the time-frame you give. Remember, she is watching your every move and applying it in the context of the type of man you will be when you are officially hers. If you are inattentive in the beginning, a smart woman will see right through your weak chase game..

Two: A little bit of effort goes such a long way.

Understand that we thrive on knowing that you are thinking about us. It can be something as simple as a text “just wanted to say hi… don’t really have time to talk, but wanted you to know I was thinking about you. Talk to you soon”.  She is guaranteed to eat that up. She doesn’t even hear the part about you not having time for her, she only hears the part about you thinking about her. Hell, you could be on your way to chick on the side’s house and you have just paved the way for you to easily go about your day without her calling you interrupting your shady man business.  And gone is that book of excuses as to why you didn’t answer the phone because she already knows two important things – 1. she’s on your mind, and 2. not to call because you are not available right now.

Example: If you are a man in a relationship who goes out with his boys, ignores her calls and then comes home too late to call, you will more than likely get reamed in the morning by your girl because, duh.. you were out all night and never called. Again, the mental thing – “oh, Steve was out all night and didn’t call, I wonder if he’s cheating on me” and that thought festers all night long until it’s a reality…  However, if that same man makes a five minute phone call on the way to the club like: “baby, I’m gonna be real late tonight, so I just wanted to call you real quick and say goodnight early”. He will be the one getting the morning, “I missed you last night. Come over, I’m cooking breakfast” invite.  She could care less what you were doing last night and best believe she spent it trying to make her friends envy her because of how sweet you are that you wanted to say goodnight.

That’s easy enough right? Understand that I do know men who actually do these things and their women couldn’t be happier. There is no nagging as to what he is doing with his boys and why not spend the time with her, no asking where he was, or why he didn’t call back, etc.  More importantly, he does what he wants with no repercussions. Of course there is the need to actually spend some time with the girl, but for the most part, that woman who wants you to spend every free moment you have with her will not exist.

Editor’s Note: In an attempt to keep things fresh, this post was resurrected from May 25, 2009 and re-posted with edits.

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