Aug 27

Many times you hear people say that they need to get into shape for summer or for vacation so that they can have a good time without the hassle of paying attention to trifles like health and wellness. What I find strange about this sentiment is that fitness is a lifestyle and not an activity, but the information spread through the media would lead us to believe that getting in shape is an activity. The other thing about vacations is that the people who frequently do the cliché activities are walking/talking proof that America has an obesity problem. Unless you are one of those that are the example, you should look at it as motivation to get right.

Theme Parks and Obesity

I started dubbing morbidly obese body-types the “theme park body” due to what I see whilst people-watching at any number of theme parks. People get bigger and bigger, are allowed on less structures and rides but bring the kids out nonetheless to enjoy themselves en masse. Along with fun rides the theme parks have 100% bad sh-t for people to consume so it becomes a literal paradise for unhealthy eaters and lushes who cannot go a day without a keg of beer. The next time you go to Bush Gardens, Disney World or Universal Islands of Adventure, stop take a look around and take it in. Now try and find something that lacks sugar, fat or grease and try to prove me wrong.

Of all the vacation areas for people trying to get in shape, the theme park is the biggest minefield with casualties of the diet war walking all around you. In order to do well at these places you need to use your fellow man as motivation, eat a large healthy meal prior and purchase some bottled water to help you along. Save the meals for when you leave the park and if it’s meant to be an all day fare then plan ahead to make this your cheat day.

Long Cruises

Cruises are great, they really are, you get catered to 24/7, you can meet new people and you are on your own time without much interference. This can be disastrous for your diet or a godsend. The problem with Cruises is that they tend to have endless food which leads to people developing a buffet mentality. The buffet mentality is that “I paid a lot of money for this food so I am going to get over on the establishment by force feeding myself what I assume to be 3 times my share”. People pull up to the restaurants on cruises like hogs at a trough, slapping back cakes, pies and alcohol like no tomorrow, only to waddle off to bed to digest it quickly in order to eat some more.

For a person trying to diet and do well, a cruise can be a blessing. You can maintain 6 meals a day (utilizing room service), you have a variety of healthy and unhealthy food to choose from and you have a gym sans membership fees and shirtless douchebag looking for attention. Not only do you have a run of the food and gym services but you can maintain great exercise by walking the length and breadth of the ship looking for activities.

Just remember, the key to staying on point with your diet plan and fitness lifestyle is to plan ahead and improvise when necessary. Sure it can be hard at times like in the case of theme parks but if you know ahead of time what you will be getting yourself into, it ceases to be tough and you can control your eating and activity time.

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