Nov 09

So you’ve been a hardcore introvert for most of your teenage life and want to get out, get a girlfriend, get some friends and become “normal” eh? Or you were homeschooled, chained to your house and disallowed from doing anything that mom and dad considered unchristian coming up, now that you’re free you’re a bit worried that you won’t fit into society.

The following are a few pointers to getting yourself into the social graces of population without getting the “where the hell are you from?” glare from everyone.

Practice makes perfect – as natural as it seems that some people make friends, party hard and get in relationships, the fact of the matter is they have had experience. One doesn’t get experience without trying and failing a few times. That being said, do not for the life of you ever assume that making friends, being cool with people and being considered “normal” is easy. Some of us have had a lifetime of practice and are still not good at it.

Get out of your Comfort Zone – Never drunk? Try a beer. Never been to a Strip Club? Waltz into one. Do some of the things that you have always wanted to but were too shy to do. Nothing wakes up your inner soul like the feeling of accomplishment.

Focus on your strengths not your awkward weaknesses – Nobody will ever pity you for being a crappy dancer or having plain looks. They will cheer you on when you use that awesome voice of yours to kill the karaoke, or break down why Omega Man is a better movie than the I Am Legend remake. Confidence wins the prize and everyone is imperfect, never forget this.

That damned internet – If you have had a healthy life on the internet making and keeping virtual friends (real people who you’ve never met), do not think that the same rules apply to life. What you have laughed at and poked fun of on the web can and will get you killed in life. People are more conservative in person, so it is better to approach respectfully than going all in with internet troll antics.

Get a Job at a Bar or Restaurant – Become a bartender, a waiter/waitress or cook. The social aspect of the restaurant/bar arena will force you out of your shell and leave you with a few friends and enemies quickly. No worries we all have both and this is a sure-fire way to wade into the pool of social interaction.

While it isn’t all about sex and partying, it is all about mixing it up with people, so take each pointer with a grain of salt – but at the end of the day get out. Even those who force themselves to mix it up will find something enjoyable about the outing and once you are having a good time, people will be attracted to you one way or another.

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  • I think at the end of the day its harder for men to to make friends because we are so territorial and rarely even give another brother props let alone become his friend. How many times have you heard of women becoming friends from being in the bathroom at a bar and talking? Dozens!!..