Oct 11

Nothing strokes a culture of mediocrity like Social Networking, I mean it is absolutely scary the way it works. Being a part of a Social Network is like being in a population of people forced to share one giant apartment complex on an island. See within that analogy you will have some people that want to know and get along with everyone (because this makes them “popular”), some who want to become famous and others who hide out in their rooms listening silently to the chatter going on outside.

On Facebook – the king of all Social Networks I have found that the only people that cherish the space are those who can play the game, or those who are somewhat delusional about their importance.

Playing the game

If you were to take the time to examine your massive friends list of ex-classmates, ex-lovers, people from your job and family members who you’ve blocked your wall from, I am sure that you will find that most people are good population members. They don’t spam, don’t really say much unless it’s blow by blow when Housewives or NFL is on… and they play it safe so as not to offend.

Offenders are kept around but silenced unbeknownst to them because nobody wants to confront a dropped member of their friends list. Confrontation is scary!

Please Don’t DROP ME!

Yet this is the basis for the mediocrity and veiled opinions on social networks. I swear people fear being dropped so hardcore that they would do anything whatsoever to avoid it. Religion, politics, baby pictures, all will get you dropped if you go too hard at them (going hard = more than 3 posts on the topics in a given day). Disagree with someone on a court verdict and boom! Dropped!

What if society was like this? Oh it is? You’re damn straight it is and this is why being passive aggressive, tricksy, and sneaky are the way to be. Don’t talk to that man over there he doesn’t go to church! Dropped! So of course people play the middle, no opinions, barely any posts outside of replying to someone else, or liking an article from an outside site. It’s how you must act to keep that impressive “friends” list in high numbers.

Inevitably this kills the whole freedom of speech argument since the inmates run the asylum and the inmates need you to think the way they do. People assume false identities and lives through their Facebooks and people want you to see how awesome their life is compared to yours “look I’m hang gliding in the rain forest! Screw you guys!”

It’s as if Facebook is the ultimate Reality TV Show and we are all on the island of Survivor. The winner is the guy or gal with the most active “friends” going. But are you truly surviving my dear readers? Are you doing your best to stay as mediocre as possible? Or are you, like myself in the midst of building a raft to sail off into something more worthwhile whenever this island of cool decides to sink?

I don’t know about you but Facebook has gotten extremely quiet over the last few months and its starting to feel like everybody has taken a soma and are playing nice for the tribe.


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  • I just love to write about Facebook and read pieces about Facebook. You have done an excellent job of pointing out just how important people believe it is to fit in with others and Facebook is one of the greatest vehicles for us to see this reality. Good job!

    • Thanks sir! Facebook is one of those interesting studies into our social habits that can bring about some good discussion so I too love writing about it. I’ve seen people ostracize themselves through hostile replies, racist wall messages that were screen-capped and presented to the world and many people who got run off the island for forgetting that unlike YouTUBE we can trace who they are. Always a good story from that space.