Dec 14

Are you a guy that freezes up on the approach? Worried about how you will look to some hot stranger and the chance that you may come off as lame or uncool? Then imagine how you would feel if you saw a major celebrity? What if that celebrity was single, from your hometown (or close) and out and about having fun… at a venue that you’re attending? Would you be the type to try your luck at making that fantasy (of you and her) a reality, or would you slink away into the crowd hiding, observing from afar as if she was still on TV?

You know those guys who have casual pictures of them and a celeb but the body language in the picture reads more than “fanboi and celeb”? Sure you do, and you probably see other people going crazy like “DUDE! Where did you meet her? Oh my god! I mean, that’s really her isn’t it!?” Well your friend may not have divulged his secret (he probably doesn’t realize that he has a magic formula) but knowing how to approach women, especially women of privilege is the key to breaking down their natural defenses to the standard fans that chase them away.

A Lesson In Approaching A-Class Women

Recently I read an excellent article on (a relationship / dating blog) where the author “Sam” met Harry Potter’s Emma Watson out at a bar, warmed up her boyfriend and snuck the tiny beauty away to get her number. WOLF! It was an impressive breakdown of approach, easing down people’s defenses and psychology. Here’s an excerpt:

I was enjoying getting to know Emma a bit better and for a brief moment her celebrity status had been washed away. It felt like I was getting to know the real her, beyond what the cameras see.

“You’re actually really cool and it would be great to keep in touch. Hand me your phone a second.”

Emma complied and I dialed my number from her phone so that I also had her number. I could feel my friends’ stares burning on the back of my head from across the bar and I was conscious of not outstaying my welcome, so we rejoined Emma’s entourage and I prepared to say my goodbyes, however I didn’t get quite as far as that…

Read the rest here:  How to approach and meet a celebrity – The night I met Emma Watson

This guy is scary right? Well despite what you may think about approaching women and the difficulty or ease that you have in doing so; seeing a regular guy get face time with a celeb in the midst of a crowd of people should show you that the approach is what’s important. The author was able to approach a woman who is wanted by millions upon millions of guys, so compare that to the average woman that you are hesitant in approaching at your local dive. Doesn’t really compare does it?

Check out that article and read how Sam made his approach and the ender where his douchebag buddy ruins it. There is a lot of great information to glean from his story and hopefully it will show you guys that all it takes is a few steps and the ability to bring someone down to your level.

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  • Interesting to be that suave and alpha at the same time. Nonchalantly pull a very popular celebrity away from her crew. Props to this god-man. Though I guess he’s just a man, man.