Jul 14

Putting a plan into action is a challenge that many people balk at whenever they come up with an idea. For this reason, many beautiful ideas are lost to the wind of nothingness because the idealist either lacks the capabilities to enact them, or lacks the drive or know-how. It helps to have a course of action to follow, so I offer up my methodology of moving forward. It is a simple process that involves a bit of work but will see your thoughts through to fruition before they have a chance to lull themselves.

What you shouldn’t do with a new idea:

  1. Share it with everyone you know
    People are haters, doubters, well-wishers and thieves, for you to find out who someone is you have to see them in the act and sometimes divulging a great idea is a good way to see it. The trouble with this is in the case of a thief, he will get rich off of your suggestion and turn around and say “well it wasn’t like you were going to do anything with it anyway”. The haters will tell you that you need an education, or someone already came up with it, or they just don’t think it’s viable. What makes them the expert on your product? Exactly, so why share it? Get it done, make your money and then show-off your benefits. I understand excitement and the wont to share, but the best ideas are kept tight until they are able to blossom and grow.
  2. Pick up unnecessary “partners”
    Sometimes when you get over-excited and share your vision, you run into an opportunist with more foresight than you who wants to latch unto your gravy train. Unless you actively sought a partner to bring aboard expertise that you yourself lack and need, then these “volunteers” should be kicked to the curb immediately. Spare yourself the headache later when he’s in the next office over as your mock “CIO”, banging his admin on the clock and collecting a fat check.
  3. Sit on the idea
    If you sit on an idea it tends to stale until it becomes rotted and forgotten. Once that happens more often than none, you will see someone else come out with it, or something similar and you will experience a feeling not unlike a kick to the balls. It’s one thing to try and fail, but it’s a whole other monster to not even make an attempt at your dream.

What you should do with a new idea:

  1. Write it down
    Commit it to paper and write out a detailed account on the item/job and how you think to implement/build it.
  2. Do Your research
    Speak with other inventors/entrepreneurs, research successful people and see what steps they took to bring their idea to the light. Monkey their steps if possible and make yourself a timed guide with which to do the same for yours.
  3. Purchase a Copyright
    Copyright your idea and/or invention legally to prep yourself for thieves and the like who will catch you slipping. Nothing like coming up for the beat to a new rap song, sending it to Bad Boy Records in hopes of being signed and then hearing your beat with P.Diddy rhyming over it with no Royalties coming back to you. Operate with business first and emotion second, be smart and be careful with your product.

The rest as they say is history, once the idea takes up movement, it will grow and grow until it either explodes into nothingness or blossoms into success. All it takes, is a little push.

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