Jan 19

The real definition of The Grenade: A grenade is a female cock-blocker, plain and simple. Sure many guys will say that grenades are fat and ugly, but this is an unfair assumption that all bigger, unattractive women are evil, cock-blockers making sure that everyone is as miserable as they are. Not really fellas, a cute chick can be a grenade as fast as an ugly one can.

While men shun cock-blockers like a disease, some women embrace their grenade friends as a means of defense against guys that try to talk to them when they are out and about. Grenades normally have a nasty attitude, and are not afraid to be rude to males that show interest in their girlfriends which leads the men to believe that the grenades are bitter, unattractive and beyond help. While this is the case in many situations, I have seen my share of attractive grenades who may or may not be man haters or undercover lesbians who are actually there for their girlfriend who hasn’t realized that her friend is operating off of jealousy.

Sometimes a grenade doesn’t realize that she is a grenade and thinks that her attitude is either normal or that she is justified in “protecting” her attractive friend. Below is a list of items that will identify YOU as the grenade if you have been guilty of it in the past when you go out in a group of girlfriends to a bar or Club.

5 Signs That You Are A Grenade

  1. You never drive so that your girl is responsible for taking you home every time. This disallows her from ever leaving with a guy or staying longer than you wish.
  2. You go out with the attitude that no man is good enough for your girlfriend, because she has been through so much… but you’ll take one.
  3. You’re normally the one asking your friends to leave at the end of the night due to boredom or disinterest… unless of course a cute guy is in your face.
  4. Men aren’t instantly attracted to you, you like them a lot however but your friend gets all the attention, you know it, you hate it, and you can’t help but expressing it.
  5. You consider yourself the “big sister” of your group and feel it is your duty to steer your friends away from “bad guys”… ya right.

Real confident women do not cock-block, they don’t go out as grenades so spotting a grenade is pretty damn easy. If your girlfriend is in search of a man and started the clubbing circuit without you, even though you are single and searching too… chances are you are or have been a grenade in the past. You blocking your friend out of jealousy and the wont to be the attention getter instead of her (even though she’s prettier) will earn you the grenade title. Own up to it, accept it and change it if being one bothers you – just know that when you go out, if a guy is all over you instead of your pretty friend, chances are he’s a wingman pulling you south out of the skies so that the Red Baron can swoop in and score another hit.

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