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bitch girlfriend

So you are dating a woman who isn’t a bitch to you but your friends all seem to hate her.  Typical scenario of exposure is post-relationship discussion about her with your buddy. ie:

You: Hey guess who text me today?
Friend: Who your ex?
You: Ya she wanted to apologize or something.
Friend: Heh well she was a bitch, I hope you’re not considering hooking back up
You (blind-sided): Oh! You didn’t like her?
Friend: Are you serious? She was a rude bitch.

Well the reason you didn’t know was due to the signals not being so obvious to you. So we would like to help educate you boys on observing the signs that your love interest is hated by your brothers. Now bear with me that these are based on experience, I may or may not miss some obvious ones. If I do please feel free to leave me a comment so that I can add it.

Sign#1 – She’s been removed from the invite list

When your buddies call you up to attend a movie, party or any outing they ask you to come solo. This may be disguised by them saying its “guys night out” or something along those lines. Point being, they don’t want your condescending girlfriend around. Good news is, they want you around… but if you are the type to talk about her continuously… just read signal 2!

Sign #2 – You’ve been removed from the invite list

At one time you were on the call list to go out on weekends with your boys and their wives/girlfriends. Now all of a sudden you’ve noticed that you aren’t being called much anymore. If you are really curious you may want to ask a wife/girlfriend of your best friend since women will be more honest about a bitch than a guy will.

Sign #3 – Nobody cares about her

Nobody ever asks about her. You get into some friendly conversation with your buddies and no-one bothers to ask “so how’s Felicia doing?” Nothing, zilch, as if she doesn’t exist. This is a strong indication that they don’t like her very much. Normally when people like your love interest they tend to picture you together. This leads to them inquiring about her as a general question when you meet. Its similar to asking a parent how their kids are doing in school or otherwise. It should be general conversation… unless they can’t stand her.

Sign #4 – Her comments

Your girlfriend may make little negative comments to you about your friends. What you have to realize is her innocent nips at your friends are probably broadcast to them via things she may say (or do) while around them. She will say little things to you like “why do you hang out with Scott? I just don’t see you guys as friends”. To this you will think: “what does she know? Scott has been my man for years, he bailed me out of many a situation”. Then you shrug it off. Then to Scott one day at lunch she may ask in a certain tone “So where did you and my boyfriend meet?” or “what was it you say you did for a living again?”. These are probing questions that aren’t out of friendly curiosity  Scott probably thinks to himself “wtf is this bitch’s deal?”  The whole time you don’t realize whats going on, so you miss it.

Sign #5 – The cold shoulder

You take her to a party with all of your friends and their wives/girlfriends when all of a sudden you have to take a wicked deuce so you vanish for a few minutes to release the beast. Upon coming back, feeling fresh and relieved… you look over at the room full of people and your girl is solo on the couch looking bored. Isn’t it odd that after months of knowing this girl nobody is making small talk with her? Take a hint.

We’ve all had that friend who had to vanish to an island far away with his ice queen. The reason being is because he was living on her terms and you may miss him but not her very much. You could be that guy if you do not heed these signals. Do you care about your friends, or is she your world? When your chick’s a bitch, this is the decision you must make. And no, you cannot “make” them like her.

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