Jul 19

two women flirting

So you are at your local dive with a few of your people and your buddy shows up with 2 women – one being his girlfriend and the other a friend from work. You all start kicking it and you notice the girl is actually pretty damn cute and is really friendly to you.

What does the average guy ask himself at this point? Does she like me, or is she playing nice because we are all out and she wants to have a good time?

Many times the way a woman responds to us when flirting can be confused to the way she acts when she’s just being friendly. Consider the Starbucks barista who is the common offender of this type of thing.

The barista is forced to smile and be courteous to the patron who sees her smile, attractive face and warm behavior as the way he wishes all women were so he gets confused into thinking she may just be flirting with him (trust me it happens).

Signs that a woman is interested:

She touches you – women who feel you like that may actually put hands on you. I am not talking about her grabbing your arm or your junk but a light arm brush, some sort of nudge with her foot or the ever so bold hand touch.

Women who aren’t into you will know that you are edging up and will go out of their way to send you a red flag through body language. One way women let us know that we are barking up the wrong tree is to switch the love to another guy or to physically move away ever so slightly.

I’m funny but I’m not THAT funny – ever sat with a few friends and new girl is just laughing her ass off at your corny buddy who you know isn’t that funny to anybody? Well she wanted him to herself for a private comedy sessions –trust me. Too bad your corny buddy was too busy trying to keep her laughing to actually talk to the girl.

Look it’s really not that complicated; when a woman flirts she gives you more props than the other guys and if you pay attention you will see it. When a woman giggles at a wolf she gets gobbled up –because those guys know that these signals are what you look for.

Asking all dem questions – I have a younger mom and I hate when her friends do this to me because I have been around long enough to peep game. A woman who likes you will pick your brain; especially if you are an intellectual. This extends to social media, phone calls or whatever. She isn’t THAT interested but she wants you to give her direction, it’s Chickonomics 101 sir.

If she’s asking you about things then she is interested in hearing the answers. A woman who is not interested in a guy will not want him in her face any longer than he needs to be.

This is all I am willing to give up at this time my dear denizens but I urge you to keep your eyes open and stop mixing signals that are so, so obvious. If she goes out of her way to talk, walk and be with you then it is right there; she doesn’t ever have to say it and she never will. Don’t be scared my man, spit game and seal the deal.

It is when you over-think things and allow your bird to fly around too long that opportunity gets bored and rewards a more cognizant man.

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