Oct 24

One night I was with this beauty on our 4th session of the horizontal mambo and things were really beginning to heat up. It was college, we were horny & experimental (isn’t that what college is all about) and I wanted to show her my talents.

Going at it the way an 18 yr old with an agenda does, this girl raises up out of her cowgirl and straight hit me with a stream of golden you-know-what. Pause! The hell just happened?

It happened so quick that I didn’t know what to do… should I channel my inner Mr. Marcus and continue to beat the dust off of “that thing” or do I go Bugsy Siegel and throw her off of me like “what’s the matter with you!?”

I won’t say which way I went with that one but the two extremes I considered are not the way to deal with something that you are not comfortable with doing in the bedroom… if you want a chance at something else freaky that-is.

The Proper Way To Turn Down Freaky Sex

The worst thing you can do to a sexual partner that goes too far is to shame him/her for it. I am being serious, it will land you in a zone of “boring” because they will assume that everything is off the table for you.

In the above example, if I wanted to be a freak I would have to be a big man and withhold my feelings in order to talk to her about it a little later. Something along the lines of “I know we were caught up in the moment but warn me next time girl, that’s not really my thing”. No harm, no foul… “what else you got locked away in that naughty mind of yours?” – you see what I did there? It let her know I was down either way.

The Proper Way To Get Your Freak On

Dare to step outside the box of missionary sex on a bed of roses? The first thing you may want to do is to bring up your fetish in conversation and gauge how your partner reacts to it.

You porn watching men that want to knock on your lady’s backdoor can easily feel her out by watching one of those movies with her. Put a Katja Kassin movie in and measure her reaction; I’m telling you, women who are not about that whatsoever will be extremely verbal about it.

If the opposition isn’t stated and even better, if she or he seems down for whatever it is that you’re into – then by all means give it a whirl.

I may have scarred you with my story but I’d like to hear from you readers. Have you ever been freaked to the point of being disgusted or blown away? Please do share and let’s keep it open-minded, you never know who you might offend.

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  • I wrote a blog about on my sexual experiences went all the way to the left. LOL

    I can laugh at it now, but at the moment it I wasn;t ready for what was gonna happen. LOL

    When choking goes from a turn on to a turn off: http://sunnydelyte21.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/episode-4-he-tried-to-kill-me/

    • Lol, I read your blog and I have to say that you’re a trooper any other girl would have “knee to the balls” threw dude off… I mean when a man looks you in the eyes while choking you it means that he’s getting off on your discomfort. What’s next? Is he going to put you in the cross-face chicken wing and get it from the back as you struggle to gain your composure? Then again it sounded like you 2 were going beast… and when it’s hot and crazy the rules aren’t too clear.

      Just turn your face sideways next time Sunny… it’s an old martial arts trick, protect your windpipe from the crushing, give him his eye contact and throw those hips up. That was pretty damn hot.

  • Helen

    I agree with you. Not being freaky enough lands a person in the ‘boring’ zone. I’m seeing a guy who when we had sex for the first time became so ‘shy’, if that’s what you want to call it, and he didn’t want to come, he didn’t want to get freaky and I’m a freaky woman. I won’t be having sex with him again because he’s ‘boring’, no matter how much he claims to have liked it and enjoyed it he’s not freaky enough for me. And that makes my sexual appetite a bit shaming. *sigh*. I’ve never been turned off by someones freakiness because anything goes down for me, I’m up for anything. Sex is erotic not mechanical.

  • Scarlett o hara

    I am a sexual “freak” in sooo many crazy ways but even “I” wouldn’t wear a diaper, purposely soil it and let my date change me as per HIS request.
    A total deal breaker which I told him to his face there and then.