Jun 12

man wrestles with woman

Why is it so hard to reason with a woman using common sense? Why doesn’t the girl you have a crush on see how perfect you’d be together? Why hasn’t the cutie who was all over you earlier called back?

If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like these, you’re not alone. Most guys find women to be fickle; unreliable; irrational. They struggle to connect with the opposite sex.  

Guys who do understand women and their emotions are rare. They find it easy to deal with moms; sisters; girlfriends. And if that wasn’t enough to get you jealous, they get a lot of female attention.

If you’re interested in becoming one of those guys, read on.

How A Woman Thinks

The idea that girls think differently is weird, crass and offensive to many people. We live in a politically correct society where men and women are supposed to be the same. Recent research, however, shows otherwise.

Men tend to think analytically. In discussions, we use rational arguments. We’re attracted to women with specific, definable traits like pretty eyes and nice butts. The things we enjoy – technology, video games and sports – are all about logical thinking.

Women are a lot more in-tune with their emotions. They make decisions based on how they feel right now and analyze them later.

This is why a woman can go home with you, enjoy a night of great sex and freak out in the morning. It might also be why girls cheat more than guys – they’re more susceptible to making bad decisions based on emotions.  

Do you see where the centuries-old idea that women are fickle comes from? They do what they feel is right at any given time. If you’re a man – and used to thinking rationally – this can be frustrating as hell.

But learn to understand women and their emotions and you’ll find it very easy to connect with them.

Reasoning With Women 101

Earlier, I said that women make emotional decisions “in the moment” and rationalize them later. To them, logic comes second to feelings

So if a girl wants to date a broke alcoholic twice her age, she’ll justify herself with delusional statements – and to hell with common sense. “He’s nice and he doesn’t drink in the mornings anymore.” “I don’t care about money; I love him.” 

It’s futile to rely on rational arguments with women. The golden rule is simple:

Change her feelings, not her thoughts

Men fail to connect with women because they focus on what’s being said instead of what’s being felt. The secret to reasoning with women lies in addressing their emotions:

  • If you want to attract a girl, don’t brag about how awesome you are – just make her feel good by being fun and confident.
  • Don’t argue with an angry woman (this is a big one); let her cool off or cheer her up with actions.
  • When your girlfriend’s mad at you, remind her of the positive emotions you’ve enjoyed together.
  • A warm hug is the best way to deal with an angry mom.
  • If you want something from a woman, don’t bother explaining yourself logically. Find ways to make that “something” tempting for her, too. 

Basically focus on changing negative emotions into positive ones.

Also, remember that other people – and girls especially – are tuned into what you’re feeling. If you want women to want you, express your positive emotions openly. Good vibes are infectious – and sexy.

The Wrap-Up

If you’re a man, thinking logically is a huge advantage in most scenarios. The one exception is dealing with women.

Try to understand girls rationally and they seem crazy. You’ll be unable to connect with them and problem resolution will always be a chore.

Focus on a woman’s feelings instead and you’ll finally understand women and their emotions. 

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