Feb 10

When we meet someone we accept them on one level and tolerate them on another. Basically it is rare that you meet a friend or lover that doesn’t have some trait that we have to look past in order to accept them. It is for this reason that change in a relationship has to be gradual in order to ease the other person into it or they will run for the hills at the sight of what you have become. In our society I believe that weight and religion are the main 2 offenders of the change rule for people.

Now some of you may say “no Greg, it’s gotta be money and the pressure of marriage that puts strain on relationships” but I would counter that someone being bad with money doesn’t happen overnight and marriage pressure happens to everybody in one way or another. No, we like for our lovers to remain the sexy version we got with originally and nobody likes someone beating them over the head with a bible. See we can handle one or the other and deal with it within reason, but for a guy to get fat, pick up a new religion and start acting brand new on a woman, she would kick him to the curb faster than you can imagine.

How Acting Brand New Gets Real Old

When you get into something new, it is very easy to become obsessed. This can be for religion, financial education or network marketing. You feel as if you have finally been given the keys to life and you want to run and enlighten all of your people on it. Trust me we all do this in one facet or the other, but religion and the aspect of “join or burn in hell” comes off a bit more harsh than someone who tries to sell you on their Acai berry drink.

When you go from being a somewhat open-minded person to a judgmental ass your significant other will try to be patient and hope that it’s only a phase. After some time when it becomes evident that it may be long term they will mentally guage your worth to keep around.

For men, as shallow as we can be, it would be hard enough dealing with a bible beating hawte like Katy Perry much less an average girl next door who has allowed her looks to decline while picking up the sword of righteousness to attack people with. It’s not going to pan out well unless the man is madly in love and unwilling to give up.

Have you had to dump or divorce someone in the past over too many drastic changes? Was weight or religion a factor in the dumping? We would love to hear about them in the commentary.

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