Aug 05

Hey, I am a pole baby and well on my way to being bi-polar! Let me explain. I just bought into the fitness craze of pole dancing and I am hooked! After each weeks hour and a half class, I am sore in places I forgot existed!! I happily drive 28 miles 2 to 3 times per week to get my sweat on, and believe me when I say, doing the fireman spin or the merry-go-round on the pole is a lot more fun than running 30 miles per week like I used to, or even trying to mount my boring Stairmaster these days.

For every routine learned on the right-side, I have to also perfect it on the left side – hence moving me to the perfectly balanced state of being “Bi-polar”. Get it??

I have supplemented these pole classes with the jam-packed “Jiggle-it” sessions that make Zumba seem like Company G’s trek through Afghanistan. Through the sweating and panting of constant movement, I have never concentrated so hard to make the invisible muscle move in my ass (well, it’s more like to the side of the cheeks). To see the beauty of those muscles pop, jump left to right and vice versa, jiggle up and down and wag like the tail of a happy dog will be my greatest achievement yet. And all of this in 6 inch heels!

Then there is the walk, working the mirror, the wall, the floor and the pole that have given way to some awesome testimonials of significant weight loss and improved self-perception. If you have tried to lift your bodyweight, then you know what I am talking about. It takes phenomenal upper body strength to do an inversion on the pole, and doing bridges, dips, and push-ups is with boot camp intensity. These days I am doing everything in a stooped position (bent at the knees) so that I can work it low without calling 911 to unbuckle my knees!

Yes, I am on my way to being bi-polar, and I am having a hell-of-a-lot-of fun while building, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, manage my weight, and hopefully a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor. You too should get a pole!!

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