Nov 01

woman with mercedes

There’s a sort of magic that occurs whenever a man starts driving a German luxury car… he begins to feel “elite”; and why not? People comment on it, kids look up to him, and women who didn’t smile before are playing friendly. It is for these tiny perks (along with the car doing all sorts of luxury magic) that people often make the car their goal for showing the world that they are successful. Are you guilty of this?

Reading the articles by self-proclaimed successful women and their issues with dating, I recalled the day when I myself judged a book by its cover… or I should say judged a woman by her car. It was not intentional, but based on who I am it was very hard to realize my bias until afterwards.

I had met this woman through a dating website and we decided to meet up at a restaurant after 2 or 3 email exchanges and a phone call. At the time I was driving a low-end Toyota, a car I would probably still drive if at the time there was an extra 0 at the end of my paycheck because I’m just a hipster like that.

Making sure that I arrived their promptly, I waited by my car for the young lady to pull up and in my mind’s eye I imagined a tiny Honda, Ford, or something casual but instead was blinded by the cherry red Mercedes. Powering the beast down and stepping out in all of her high heeled glory this woman points at my car and issued a “hell no!” which of course gave me the urge to reach for my balls to see if they were still there.

bad date

Countering quickly to defend my beloved Toyota from her assumed onslaught she caught herself and chuckled then explained to me that my school—whose tag I so proudly had displayed on the license—was her Alma Mater’s rival. It was the most epic of fail’s on my part but to me it didn’t matter; all I could think about was “what does this chick do for a living”?

As we spoke, well as she spoke—girl could talk—it came out that her job was as menial as mine and it set off so many fire alarms in my head that the ringing was too loud to even hear what she was talking about. No chemistry and she drove a Nazi sled, I found it hard to keep dating her and of course it wasn’t a fair assumption on my part, it just goes to show what a powerful symbol a luxury car is.

As an older man I look back to that day and what made me so prejudiced towards the car and its driver. I was fresh into my financial education at the time and must have finished reading the Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. I was also a serial dater who would cut and run at the first sign of drama or baggage from any woman.

But to be 100% honest I was a hard-working guy who saw the Mercedes Benz as a sign of high maintenance. I probably saw a future of not being enough and not having enough for this Mercedes driver and I probably assumed her to be in a pool of debt. None of these things were asked for me to even give her a chance; I just removed myself from her life as soon as possible.

The luxury car is a 2-edged sword, especially when it comes to women—hell for men it’s almost all good driving around in one when it comes to gaining female attention. Would I ever purchase one? No, not that interested, I am still me after all… but at times I wonder if I am the only guy in the world to have dumped a woman based on the car she drives.

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  • Nikki D

    You can’t judge a book by its cover or in this case it’s wheels! I drive a beloved late model Mercedes so let me give you a look into my world…
    No, I am not in a pool of debt. I have a good paying job, shopped around for a great loan, walked into the dealer with price I wanted to pay, negotiated an awesome deal and the car was mine. High maintenance..NOT AT ALL! I just like luxury things and have an amazing gift on how have a champagne lifestyle without paying the cost for it. You my friend, probably lost out on an amazing, educated, resourceful woman all because of your ego and the car she drove.