Aug 22

If you put a time restriction on your body, let it be a personal choice and not some magical number invented by a “Guru”. The men that you want (I didn’t say all men, or most men) won’t wait and you can throw as many names at us for this, but the fact is that you are getting false information and it may be detrimental to your dating life.

Lets cut through the bull, the philosophy, the feel-good articles and the liars who write them. Women we want to sleep with you, and we want to sleep with you right now. If you turn out to be a cool, down ass chick on the way to the bedroom then we may or may not figure out that we actually love you and want to devote ourselves to you on a full time basis.

In this modern microwave, test-drive, fake it till you make it society you will find that the motivation behind most guys (I DID NOT SAY ALL) surfing the dating pool is the tender motivation between your legs.

This is the answer to all of your dating inquiries into the male psyche in the most pure, non-scientific way that I can state it. So how well do you think it will work out for you by withholding sex and subscribing to theories and strategies put in place by people with little to no actual dating experience?

90 Day Rule huh?

“I think I’m coming up on 4 weeks and starting to yawn hardcore” – C. Jones – 28yr old male.

“I was with a woman for almost 2 years after she gave it up on the 2nd night. She was a cool ass chick and I vibed with her on several levels, her sleeping with me a little after meeting me was not a deterrent in my feeling about our situation.” – L.McClain – 34yr old male.

Sex for a man is switching into 3rd gear, you can communicate with her on a real level once it’s done. Anything leading up to this is cruising on neutral, and neutral gets boring real fast!

You let a man wait regardless of how badly YOU want to jump his bones and you will find him long gone before the timer on that 90 day meter buzzes. We aren’t in the Victorian age anymore, hell back int he Victorian days women were getting HIT! So what time period are we emulating with this nonsense? Somebody clue me in.

I know that in the past a man would have to woo the family, woo the dad, and woo the brothers way before he got a chance to date the woman. Then again she would marry him, be locked into the marriage and take the ass whippings she’d get for not keeping the house tight… whatever, you can have that reality. I like things the way they are today and tell you what, since we have convenient divorces, alimony, bonus checks and transferred assets, you better be down with the program or most guys will walk. Yes even the “nice guys” too.

Let’s not even get into your competition, the modern woman. She looks better than you, makes better conversation than you, adjusts better than you and since she has experience, she (cough)s better than you too. 90 Day wait huh… how’s that working out for you? I bet that even your preacher wouldn’t wait that long. Hell I’d put money on it, you know why? He’s banging the choir leader that’s why! But that’s it’s own article.

Ladies your worst fear is realized by reality, we men are driven by sex (unless he’s a Eunuch). And 90 days sounds like a lifetime to a horny dude, especially if he’s treating you to The Cheesecake Factory.

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