Oct 12

It’s amazing how monolithic women assume men’s tastes to be, so to prove a point I conducted a rather random survey of men from different walks of life to glean which celeb if any could be crowned as the prototype for any man’s lust.

Would it surprise you if I said that no names were repeated by over 25 different men? In other words, I didn’t get an overwhelming vote for Natalie Portman or Halle Berry… though strangely enough more than a few men admitted that if the poll were based on “celebs we would instantly marry” Portman would be automatic. Padme has us boys in a daze I see.

But this was about sexual attraction, not Natalie Portman’s intelligent, yet strangely sexy visage walking with us to the altar. So who did 7 men choose as their “sexual crush”? I think that the results will shock you.

#1 Carla Gugino

Chosen by: Peter, a single, seasoned businessman and entrepreneur. Pete’s a bit of an old spirit and I think his choice may have come from his gravitation towards pinup girls and buxom beauties. A man after my own heart, I have to say.

#2 Ziyi Zhang

Chosen by: Adam, a married audio/video expert, part-time director and critic. Adam loves Asian beauties so much that he married one. His choice came as no surprise being that Ziyi always plays a sexual nymph-type that needs to be caught first before you can have her.

#3 Marisa Tomei

Chosen by: Bruce, a single father and part-time Jazz musician. Bruce has always loved him some teacher-types… you know, glasses, older, hair up, the whole nine yards. Marisa being an ageless beauty of sorts shocked me as his choice but hey, it’s his choice!

#4 Jessica Alba

Chosen by: Lourn, a general contractor and builder. I am not that close to Lourn so his choice bears no insight from yours truly. I will say that Jessica will get no argument from a lot of men, as long as she looks the way she did in Machete.

#5 Rihanna

Chosen by: Billy, a director of Information Technology. Billy was another shocker being that his kryptonite has always been the plain Jane, girl next door types. Then again Rihanna is a sexy wild child so who am I to argue. It’s one night and Billy wants some of RiRi.

#6 Mariska Hargitay

Chosen by: Billiam, a web master, animal lover and entrepreneur. Now this is my kind of list since their’s some Olivia Benson in this piece. The delicious Mishka Mishka. Really no surprise since Billiam watches Law and Order: SVU about as much as I do and anyone who watches that show will no doubt want to save the broken Olivia.

#7 Rosario Dawson

Chosen by: Nathan, an amateur photographer and music lover. Being that Nathan has a thing for busty blondes, the last thing I would expect him to go shooting for is some afro-latina sexy. This seems to be the angle of the list so while it’s surprising, it isn’t that crazy.

So what do you think? Is it as surprising as I assume it is? Somehow when it comes to men and their lusts, the same names seem to come up from women, none of which seemed to make the cut when I compiled this list. The fact of the matter is a man may like a woman to be his mate but the woman he chooses to have a one night stand with is a very different story.

Conduct your own survey and I guarantee you that the men you ask will have drastically different answers from one another. Now ask them which celebrity they would want to “wife” and you may start running into many similarities.

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