Oct 18

I have found that a woman’s sexual enthusiasm starts at the beginning of your date as opposed to the moment you decide to get freaky. This is one of those areas where the sexes differ greatly and men make the mistake of assuming otherwise.

When your old lady is getting ready for the show and she asks that retarded “how do I look” question, you have to factor in the sex you may be having after the concert. If you don’t, your comfort with her may lead you to be honest and tell her she looks a little chunky. While she may take it in stride, change her clothes and have a great time with you on the town, the entire time it may be on her mind that she isn’t that hot to you… anymore.

Talk about a buzz kill, you will have forgotten that you mentioned that to her and by the end of the night you will be ready to jump and ravish her. Problem is she will not forget and while you’re eager, she is thinking that she looks fat to you and not so sexy.

“Tell her she’s beautiful and slap her ass even if she hates it”

When you consider the end of the night and you want her to cowgirl your brains out, you may need to add some bullcrap to your game.

Tell her she’s beautiful, slap her ass even if she hates that, look at her hungrily and ignore the superficial flaws for now. By the time the night is over and you have performed these actions, she will want to reward your hunger and you will have earned it. Women like to believe that we will be there through the “thick” and thin so to worry her over weight prior to going out in public is the worst thing you can do.

Show some support and make her feel like your queen for the night, it’s a lot more rewarding than having her second guess your intent by night’s end.

It still amazes me how the things we find trivial and “honest” can be deal-breakers for even the women we marry. So it is more than worth while for a man to learn when to play the prince.

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