Jul 31

gina carano punch

So you punch like a girl and your name isn’t Gina Carano? Believe it or not you can improve your punching without going to a boxing gym or joining a formal Martial Arts class. The following 5 tips will show you how to punch faster and harder along with gifting you a bit more confidence in your hand game. Sure, this may be the age of the gun but you never know when you will have to wallop another man for touching your girl on her booty or greeting you with an open hand slap.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu – I give you 5 tips to improving your fisticuffs and letting you tap jaws with little to no effort.

1. Damage Your Knuckles

Sounds harsh but there is a reason why you hurt as much as your opponent does when you connect your fist with his hard skull. Your knuckles need to learn to disobey pain! One of the best ways to do this is to do knuckle push-ups; this exercise is done like a normal push-up but you must do them with a closed fist instead of your bare palms. Knuckle push-ups will force you to make a proper fist along with strengthening your wrist, your form and your tolerance for pain.

Start out by doing them on your nice fluffy carpet then graduate to a wooden floor and with time you should be able to do them on concrete, rocks, or on hot, molten, MAGMA! Okay maybe not lava rock… only we Dragons have that level of tolerance but when you’re able to do 50 pushups on concrete with your knuckles, you should be able to lay a man out with a solid right cross.

2. Snatch The Pebble

One of the principles of speed is in fooling one’s mind into moving faster by concentrating on the retreat more so than the forward advance. What am I talking about? Training for speed is a bit different that training for power – sure having both will make you into Iron Mike Tyson but lets get you into Glass Joe territory first. 

Get yourself a nice padded surface… flip a mattress up against your wall, purchase one of those water heavy bags, or just get your big fat cousin Tony to stand in front of you and flex his gut. Now when you start punching, concentrate on pulling back off of the bag as fast as you can with every punch that you throw out. Trust me the faster you want to snatch your punch back, the faster you will throw it out there to begin with. It’s the definition of “pulling your punches” and you will get quicker and quicker the more you practice this.

3. Fighting Water

If you love going to the pool then you will love this final tip. Punching underwater will not only allow you to get some great arm exercise (builds those vascular arms for the ladies to gawk at) but it will improve your speed and form. Let me explain – speed and power may be nice but proper punching form being added to the mix will turn you into Manny Pacquiao… okay maybe that’s going too far but you will get your punches to a higher level.

That’s it! Simple isn’t it? You can do these things as part of your daily routine throughout life and when it comes time to “throw dem hands” you won’t end up looking like this wannabe thug in the following video:

That security guard must be a denizen of the Hall! Still, you see my point in the importance of training one’s tools… that thug looked terrible and he earned an ass kicking from a security guard for it. Try my tips and let me know what you think!

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