Oct 10

40 Yr Old Virgin

If your over the age of 30 and still in search of this beautiful single woman that has no children and is everything that you’re dreaming of you may need to take a step back and think about it really, really hard. Not only do you have time working against you, but the reality of people having tried the family thing while you have relished in your singledom.

Finding that woman over 30 that has no children and is physically what you need is possible but you have to factor in the chance that she will not want you. This leaves very little fish in your pool despite the imbalance of women to men in the numbers game. You may as well say you want a woman with 3 breasts.

A pegasusWe call her the “Golden Pegasus“, she’s still single, no children (but very fertile), damn near a virgin, fun-loving, drop-dead gorgeous and can broil a mean fish dinner. Many seek her out but few if any find her.

I know many guys who are in search of the Pegasus that are over 30. They turn away women with children, women who have divorced, women with a little weight and women who have had sex with someone they know. I wonder if I will find them at 50 years old, tired from the journey, armor rusting like Percival the good, dying from their quest to find the Holy Grail… or El Dorado… or The Golden Pegasus.

At 30 you’re not exactly “young” anymore fellas, you’re a grown man. Guess what? Grown women come with a bag or two, they rarely fly without a carry-on. Get over it, you’re gonna be a daddy – or you’re going to have to find some marginal jail bait in the “adopt a princess” section.

Help for The Templar Knights of Dating

I’ve always said that it takes a strong, aggressive woman to break a man out of this mode. See ladies when a man is single for a very long time, he will get to a place of no-compromise. The nymph we envision as our lady in our minds-eye, she gets lovelier and lovelier, then we begin to believe our own bullshit.

It takes you, the glowing Valkyrie to appear to us, bright and unyielding, to force us out of the void and into your bed. Once you have put that thing on us (the single disillusioned man) and refuse to leave in the morning, the Pegasus will fade and we will realize that you’re actually worth the compromise.

For the man who doesn’t grow desperate from passing time, THIS is one of the only ways to break out. The movie 40-Yr Old Virgin did a good job at showing how a strong woman can save a man from himself. Cowgirl up ladies and snatch that Omega man if he’s worthy – trust me, he has noooo idea what you have for him.

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  • I don’t think men care that much about marriage. For a lot of men single life is so good that only way they’ll give up economic and social freedom is if the woman is that perfect. Otherwise, most men are perfectly content with banging 5,6, and 7’s and watching Monday Night Football

    • I agree… I think many men “give” marriage to their women as the ultimate gift. After all most men aren’t playing with Barbies as boys, coming up with the ultimate scenario of how we want our wedding to be. While many men like the idea of marriage (for different reasons, like “locking up” their dream girl), most men do like the aspect of several sexual partners as opposed to one. Factor in the well publicized practice of alimony, child-support used as a weapon after divorce and lawsuits… and ya men aren’t seeing it as a positive thing at all.

  • Pegasus

    I am the Pegasus. 29 and even a doctor. I found time in my 20s for fun too, but am ready for marriage and a family. Where are YOU, subject man of this article?