Sep 26

There are many insecure men, countless actually and while they may not come off that way on the surface, in reality they are scared to death.

What Makes A Man Insecure

The quick answer to this question is society. The same problems that plague women, plague men just the same. Men feel that if they aren’t the richest, most handsome baller in the world, women will not want them. If they find a woman that loves them, it makes them worry that she won’t stick around.

There is no cure for a man’s insecurity, he has to cross that bridge of confidence on his own. If a woman is with a man like this she will have many nights of consoling him, telling him she isn’t going anywhere and dealing with his jealous overreactions.

A Man Shouldn’t Compare Himself To His Woman

If you’re a confident man then you don’t add up what you have in order to determine whether you can date a dime or not. Many friends of mine think that to get a dime you have to be rich, good looking and have a 12 inch penis. This is stupid. A woman will stay with you just because you make her laugh, or you’re the one good guy she found after 100 jerks. Pull your pants up my man, she’s with YOU!

Some guys will do the craziest things to overcome this insecurity. They’ll date strippers, escorts, criminals, just so they have the moral high ground in case she ever questions his worth. It is that serious and it is pretty sad. Men, you shouldn’t worry about what you have to offer, if it’s bothering you then show that beautiful bird of yours how happy you are to have her – in the bedroom. BEAT IT UP!

Buying Women

An insecure man will happily bust his ass to earn tons of money all in the pursuit of a Kristen Bell clone warming up to him. He doesn’t care that this activity is considered low, he doesn’t take the time to see that it’s the most sexist of opinions. He believes that pretty girls want pretty shiny things. That is all he knows.

Guys like this normally get a rude awakening when a broke wolf moves in to take his girl without issue. He gets his heart broken because the money never bought him a personality or a real conscience. The broke wolf is able to give the woman everything that the rich nerd lacked. His insecurity leads to him being hurt again!

Some Help For The Insecure Man

If you have read this and you realize that you’re guilty of the mentality and habits of an insecure man you have to know that you’re losing. Life is a game that favors those with the right knowledge and attitude, not those who have all the money and good looks.

You are going to have to remove your looks and assets from the mirror of scrutiny, embrace yourself and really take it to heart that you are the man and no-one can tell you otherwise. When you have that kind of presence women will take notice and even if you don’t feel like you’re “in her league” you will appreciate the fact that she chose you.

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  • Cursor

    I’d like to let the jerks I know read this one but most of them are in denial. Pathetic men. I feel sorry for them. They truly believe that they are the victim of society and women when in fact they are the victims of their own mind. How sad.

    • Divided Line

      If this is so common that we all recognize it, then it suggests that maybe something actually is wrong with our culture, no? Doesn’t logic suggest this? Men act like jerks because it works. There is no other reason. Women reward jerks and ruthlessly punish or ignore every other guy, so that’s the way it is. Maybe it’s time to start calling women out on it instead of trying to avoid looking like one of the bad guys.

    • Ella

      They are in denial about their own insecurities, you’re right. They allow themselves to believe they are he victim of society and women who are secure in themselves, so that they can abrogate responsibility for their ineffectiveness/actions. They blame women and generalising about “all women do this, that and the other” and “if it weren’t for how women treat men they’d be different. They need to grow a spine and stop scapegoating everyone and take responsibility for how they feel and start responding instead of reacting aggressively and passively aggressively because they haven’t worked on their communication, social and self-expression skills enough to be mature and not mysognisitic.

  • Divided Line

    Get real. A woman who dated 100 jerks wants a jerk she can complain about,;she doesn’t want some supplicating nice guy chump.