Jun 11

beautiful black woman

Many women who aren’t built like Angelina Jolie (beautiful face, rail thin body) seem to look towards these catchy ideologies to love themselves due to this perception that they aren’t sexy. Much of this is true if you were to listen to the media and the more vocal male populace (I exclude myself, I like many body-types).

Instead of just embracing your body – which every woman should do if there is no will, want or ability to change – is to look towards men who love their current body-type!

One joke that has been around for a while between black and white men is that when a skinny white woman gains weight she immediately starts looking to date black guys. Not my joke; kind of crass, but allow me to put a positive spin on it:

If a certain type of man likes thicker women, why would a thick woman go prancing around the skinny hunters if she’s looking for love? There’s nothing but disappointment and heartache over there.

Men have varying tastes, huge varying tastes, and many of us just aren’t that damn picky. When you embrace your body, the next logical step should be to filter out the guys who can’t appreciate it because frankly it’s a waste of time for both of you!

Confidence Like Brienne of Thane

brienne of thaneOne thing that I have always said is that there is nothing sexier than confidence. The other night I was watching HBO’s Game of Thrones and this one character: Brienne of Thane is built like an amazon giant; she’s huge, nowhere near cute but confident enough with a sword to defeat men.

Brienne is a great example of “embracing your body”, she has accepted her looks as they are, but pushes on confidently to be one of the most honorable knights in the Game of Thrones series.

At the same time I guarantee you that there are a number of men who get turned on by Brienne of Thane simply off the fact that her swagger is beyond space-aged. The point is, there is a man for every woman; you have to stop looking for favor from the popular crowd.

I think it was the Bishop Don “Magic” Juan who said “find someone who likes YOU!” and it is the easiest answer to any dating problem. The king of pimps knows his stuff folks!

Don’t go chasing waterfalls…

So embrace your body, shout to the high heavens all the lovely, positive catch-phrases that the internet has given to you, but don’t make it worthless by continuing to lust for guys who want women that look nothing like you.

I understand how the love game works, we all want someone who doesn’t want us, but as an adult it is counter-productive.

I know guys of different race, color, creed, body-type, wealth levels, etc.  and they all have differing  flavors ranging from bone thin to heavyset. I’m not making this up, what a man admits to the world that he’s into and what he truly is into can be different things.

Don’t just embrace your body and expect that throwing sass at guys who would never date you in a million years will change the world. How about giving the guys who actually want you a chance?

If you’re a skinny fish purposefully swimming where the big game hunters hunt in hopes that one will settle on you, I would urge you to consider the rationale in your methodology. Find someone who likes you, it only make sense. Right?

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