Aug 24

Kim Kardashian in Playboy

This isn’t about her booty, this is about that long face, the nothing going on upstairs glare and endless hair that is on every website (now this one too) and every magazine.

For all the hate that Kim Kardashian gets, one thing that she has done to male attraction below the surface is to normalize the look of long-face pretty girls everywhere. Since the over-saturation of the Kardashian family, men have slowed down on putting the “exotic” long-faced women over as superior beauties.

Case in point, the actress Janina Gavankar who plays Luna Garza in HBO’s True Blood should easily be the eye-catching hawte of the show but when I asked a fellow fan of the show what he thought of her, he echoed the same thinking that I had… “I don’t know man, she was hot for a bit but I’m over her – she’s too Kardashian”.

Janina Gavankar sits in a cemetery

Brutal I know, but Kim’s constant exposure has become like the paid escort that has overstayed her welcome and won’t go home in the morning. Go home Kim!

Remember Nicole Scherzinger? She had the look to attract men across all racial lines with no problem. Is she “too Kardashian” now? As I watched her on an interview last night, I wondered why I wasn’t feeling her like I used to… now I know why.

Maybe it’s time for the round faced girls to shine while Kim continues to flood the gossip rags and vie for attention at every turn.

The Clone Collage – See Anything Odd?

Pictures of various Kim lookalikes

Guys check out this collage and tell me if I am completely off base with my assertion. All of these celebrities’ faces were built from the same mold of clay and chances are you were nuts over them at one time in your life. Did the Succubus attention whore that Ray J created kill this look for you?

What do you think Hall fam?

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  • McThick

    The collage of women are all hot because they have small heads and large eyes. Humans are genetically programmed to be a attracted to that because that is how human babies look. Kim is not changing the game, she just fits the mold very well, as do a lot of Persian/Indian women.

  • Tony

    Maybe it’s my lack of overexposure to the Killer Ks, but all those women in the collage are hawt.

  • Nicole

    Hey @McThick,

    A lot of human babies have huge heads, lol! In fact they are so cute because their bodies are not in proportion to their heads at all. Just saying, haha! But you’re right! A lot of Persian women are SO hot!! I think Kim is very hot also but she might just be overrated that people don’t relate to her name well.

    Here is a link: