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Author Samantha Brick

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A few days ago Samantha Brick of The Daily Mail wrote an article about how her beauty had made her an enemy of many women and helped her get ahead in her career with the men. While the contents of her article were no surprise to me, having observed the curse of beauty in women, it immediately went viral beyond anything that she was ready for. Do you want to know why? Samantha Brick happens to be a blonde, white woman with confidence in her looks, at least that’s what she came off as in the article and as we all know, the average woman HATES that and I will tell you why.

When I penned The Curse of Being a Beautiful Woman, I had no idea that it would be a popular article on this site. I thought that a few people would read it, turn up their noses a bit and keep it moving. I also thought that I would be accused of pandering to hot women by the male readers, but my thoughts were thankfully wrong as beautiful women from all over have been reading and sharing their nightmares in the comments. While Samantha wrote from a personal standpoint, I will say that our articles are similar in intent; which is exposing the fact that people love to hate beautiful people.

“Throughout my adult life, I’ve regularly had bottles of bubbly or wine sent to my restaurant table by men I don’t know. Once, a well-dressed chap bought my train ticket when I was standing behind him in the queue, while there was another occasion when a charming gentleman paid my fare as I stepped out of a cab in Paris.”Samantha Brick

While Samantha received hate mail on writing the above, it is 100% true of any woman that is above average in looks.

“Samantha Brick deserves applause in my honest opinion”

Guys will do dumb, simpish acts of charity to try and gain a smile from the beautiful face that they’re admiring. Men will buy women drinks, roses, pay for their trips, pay for groceries, anything involving money and time all without the woman asking for it. I think that the psychology behind this want to trick yourself out for a beautiful woman is kind of like idol worship. Many men know that the beauty will not part with her number, some conversation or even the time of day (hell most of the time she’s expected to be a bitch) but they just want to give “the pretty” a shiny before slinking back into their caves.

women fightingWomen don’t really see things the way we do when it comes to that, so many of the “men” that commented hate on Samantha’s article went at her because of her looks. When you read the article you would expect the writer to be the image of Angelina Jolie, Aishwarya Rai, or Meagan Good, but instead you get what I like to term “The American Standard” – blonde, pretty enough but not striking (this is my opinion). People took Samantha’s looks to task after reading and the article was flooded with 4,000+ responses of unmitigated hate. Any beautiful woman with social scars would cringe at what people were writing in there.

But Samantha Brick deserves applause in my honest opinion; she deserves applause because this is a topic that needs to be discussed. It needs study, and it needs solutions. Why is it that we want beautiful women to be bitches (notice I said want and not assume)? Women I’m looking at you because you are the main perpetuators. You know recently I asked my lady about this very thing because of the way I see women angrily give feedback on Hollywood knockouts. To me it seems that if an actress doesn’t look “safe” and reasonably normal as compared to the everyday chick, all of a sudden she’s a stuck-up bitch, man-stealer of epic proportions and a “bad” actress.

Am I wrong in this assumption? It’s for this very reason that a woman who sees herself as beautiful is not allowed to talk about it, but a guy like me can. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs and while Mrs. Brick can enjoy the success of the reach her article made, I am sure that she is further damaged by the feedback of not only trolls and haters, but her fellow colleagues who made it their point to knock her off of her diamond pedestal. So what’s the verdict my fellow denizens? Are beautiful women disallowed from writing about their social problems, or is it that only drop dead gorgeous women have the right?

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  • This woman is delusional she is not what she think she is. And beauty is not a curse. The only curse is when ppl think that beauty is a subsitute for brains. Or when your “beautiful” attitude stinks.

  • I forgot to add that it is a fact that attractive people get better wages and better treatment overall. But alot of “beautiful” people let their attitudes show their ugly. in almost every article on this chick men and women alike agreed that she is not fine AT ALL. She can write about her so called experiences all she wants but I am not a believer. First of all she believes that every woman she knows is threatened by her. I cant see why. And I don’t trust any female with my man period point blank. Not that I don’t trust him or her but given the right situation and the right time ANYTHING is possible PERIOD. I think people are quick to knock her off her soapbox bc its all in her head. Your perception is your reality but that does not mean it is the reality of the world. She may honestly feel she is drop dead gorgeous and every man wants her and she is special but in reality she is a drop in the bucket. She is no Susan Boyle but she damn sure aint a Megan Fox or Kim K she is more of the fat sister Khloe Kardashian

    • McThick


      Prepare to be ignored.

  • Lonnie F

    My initial reaction when I saw this as a “news” segment was “Are British women that busted?” I’ve actually heard that they are and in my very limited experience it held up.

    On one hand I knew a chick (black hoodrat) who got free ish and extra attention all the time. Mofos stopped on their own green light to let her cross the street. She was playin as many cats as she could juggle. There was another chick foreign born (Colombia) but raised here and she was just as fine if not finer, but she didn’t floss at all and still got all sorts of attention. The difference is one had game and one didn’t. Neither of them needed it, but I had more respect for the one with game because she could make shit happen. I was always a kinda disappointed in the other one because she didn’t know how to dress. If she did she would be dangerous. She was like a dime undercover.

    They both friendzoned me (lol), but the colombiana was really a good friend and a good person. The hoodrat was like this woman above on some haters gon hate shit no female friends either. She had to look over her shoulder at times. It was like THAT. The colombiana had haters too, but it didn’t last because she was so kind to everyone and just a pleasure to be around. It’s like that saying judge a person by how they speak of others and not how they speak of themselves.

    To answer your question Greg I think it’s about how well other women can relate. It’s more persuasion than rhetoric.

  • Matt

    I think the writer if this article misunderstands why everyone is so pissed off at Samantha Brick. It’s not that she wrote about being beautiful. It’s about the fact that she seems to blame pretty much every negative interaction she has with women on them being jealous of her looks. The way she wrote the article made her come off as narcissistic and delusional. Maybe she is not like that but the the way she talked about things made it seem that way. Furthermore she doesn’t seem to even understand this concept as she says that all the hate she is receiving just proves her point.

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