Sep 19

Once upon a time there was a doctor by the name of Satoshi Kanazawa who thought that black women were not only ugly but that every man thought the same way as he did on this “fact”.

Kanazawa probably had lunches with his peers, scoped out a few of the hawtes trolling the office and high-fived them all on how perfect the Barbies were. When Essence from the Research dept. walked by however Kanazawa would look to Dale, Elliot and Carlton and they all would shake their heads in unison. Essence wasn’t fine. So what does Kanazawa in all his brilliance decide to do? He sets out to prove “scientifically” why Essence (now the avatar for all black women worldwide) was not as fine as Barbie, Grace, Maria and Natalia.

When Kanazawa penned his now famous “Why Black Women Are Less Attractive” article, Psychology Today published it and the black blogosphere declared holy war.

Dale and Elliot pretended to no longer know Satoshi, and Carlton knew he would lose his “black card” if he admitted to helping his buddy do “research”. So Kanazawa was left to defend his article, and having little evidence outside of his own fetishes and prejudices he ended up in the racks of public scrutiny ready to be quartered and shipped to the four corners of these United States of America.

“the black blogosphere declared holy war”

After losing his job, making a bullshit apology and being forced to retire his pen for a year professionally, Dr. Kanazawa has finally come to terms with the ramifications of publishing what could be viewed as hate in modern times. I have to wonder if he hates Essence and her sisters even more now that he isn’t able to eat and whether or not Barbie and Debbie have become even more beautiful in his eyes. Can we fairly judge this man as a racist when many of our (as in men) thoughts echoed his little boy’s club when they gawked at the women in the office?

I hear guys diss women of a certain type every day, no color or race is spared as it is up to that person’s individual taste. The only difference is that most men don’t get a platform as huge as Psychology Today to diss certain women and a lot of men know better than to do it. At the end of the day Satoshi Kanazawa is another educated douchebag that over-stepped his place in society. Most women take even harder offense being that he is of a minority background as opposed to looking like a Hitler Youth. However, those of us who have had “boy chat” know better, there are many men who think like Kanazawa and it is the main reason you didn’t see black men asking for his head in droves.

The destruction of Kanazawa should be a wake-up call to men everywhere that our personal tastes do not reflect the taste of every man alive. No woman is automatically attractive or unattractive based on her race and if you really believe that then you are obviously attracted to color (hair and skin). In my neck of the woods they have a name for people like that, you know… the people who lump up colors in a negative, general sense… I think the term we use is… racist.

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  • Eric

    Great article, but let’s be clear POCs can’t be racist.