May 02

An annoyed woman in bed

None of us have the intuition that a woman does – in order to figure out why we’re in the dog house. She may have come home one day and decided that your slovenly ways are not worthy of all the work she has put into her life and career. When she fussed at you, you thought it was cute and while you tried to be better about it, you just didn’t see it as serious.

Now when you fall asleep (before her), negating to take her out weekly because you’ve become comfortable and too tired to make love to her because of long hours… she stares at you wondering on how it is she wound up with you.

By the time she’s done this enough, talked with friends and family about it and listened in on her younger girlfriends brag about how their man blows their backs out nightly and sends them roses on surprise occasions, she has turned you into a monster. The memory of your brief but cute courtship is now removed and in its place is your fat, worthless carcass as an obstacle. In your mind everything is good, she’s a bit quiet but you figure her job is stressful and you decide to have a vacation for you both in the next month or so. The thought of the vacation brightens her mood a bit and she thinks “well maybe there is hope”.

You being a man, you go on the vacation with her but manage to keep up the same things that piss her off back home. You pay her no attention, you’re obnoxious, and most importantly – you take no notice to the visible look of disgust she has on her face when she looks at you.

The Extraordinary Gentleman

An Extraordinary Gentleman always has his woman in the back of his mind because he knows that he has to manage his relationship as meticulously as he does his work. His lady is a lifelong client, his most important client, and she must remain happy with his services or he risks the chance of losing everything from the blindside. If he sees that he may be pissing her off, he takes her out, gets her comfortable and picks her brain – with promise and action of fixing the slight. If she breaks his code, he calls her on it and makes sure that she understands where he stands.

It is never a good idea to leave things to chance when it comes to women and relationships. The bitter guys that you see lamenting their choice in women are choosing an easy scapegoat for their issue. We need to keep our eyes and ears open and become proactive about our problems. An Extraordinary Gentleman is seen with awe by his peers because he seems to always have things under control. He’s hard but he’s romantic, he’s a man’s man but he’s also a woman’s man. He knows his lady is the booker but he is the super star athlete that she cannot afford to annoy. Do you understand the difference?

Men are supposed to be seen as strong and unwavering – an old stereotype but one that is serious nonetheless. Handle your business in the home and know when to fold your cards when the woman in your life is out to cut your balls off. It’s as simple as that; keep your eyes open and your senses aware to the situation that you’re dealing with. If you are with a good girl then things will work themselves out, but if you’re with a gangster or a witch that hates you, there may be little you can do outside of recognizing the intent and putting up a defense that will allow you to escape from her easily.

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