Jul 22


Support for single fathers is a notion that gets dismissed or shrugged off by many of the most hateful women with platforms on the internet. This can be seen through the articles and commentary that cover the subject outside of magazines like this one or by actual supporters of children that come from broken homes.

The last time I spoke on this subject I brought up the double standard in dating when a single father goes looking versus a single mother. My article, which was meant to bring attention to the fact that single dads have a hard time dating turned into a feeding frenzy for the standard, angry internet woman and her ilk. Knowing and seeing two fathers going through hell right now as their child’s mother uses the system and their children to limit time and resources (for more child support) it saddens me to see so many men stay quiet about this.

Living in Florida—which is the patron state of archaic laws and prejudices—I know one woman right now who fights tooth and nail to limit the father’s access to her children simply because she hates him and her child support favors her keeping him limited – our system supports her in this. Read any of the typical articles about fathers being out of the picture and you would easily assume that all men want zilch to do with their kids and women are all saints who accidentally got pregnant by these douchebags.

Let denizen SingleFatherSupporter tell it though, as she commented on our article The Double Standard of Single Fathers with Children, a baby’s mother can mean hell for a man, his poor children and his new spouse who threatens her money:

There are so many men who are given the shitty end of the stick because some entitled baby mama (bm) wants to use their child to control. It’s sad for the child and its sad for the father. Not all single mothers are victims as you seem to claim they are…there are always two sides to the story and a point.

My husband was a single dad who fought hard and is still fighting to get equal rights. He has two kids and never got married (even though he tried numerous times), so Florida law favors the mother in such a case. My husband is there for the kids and I love the kids as though they came from me and they know how I feel so much that they call me mommy (bm hates this by the way…but that’s an entire new article).

He’s taken responsibility for the poor choice he made in having children with bm… but he lives up to his role as a father and a parent and wants more. But bm doesn’t want him to have more because it will reduce child support…
See, each situation is different and I feel for those dads that are trying to do right by their kids as well as move on from the hurt, bitterness and negativity they may have initially ran from…

Don’t judge a book by its cover…

What I wish that people would understand in these situations is that it should not be about revenge, getting over, or gender bigotry when it comes to children. A selfish asshole is a selfish asshole and that person is not defaulted to having a penis or vagina. We need to stop demonizing EVERY single father as if they are the same, and victimizing EVERY single mother as if some aren’t out for blood and cash. It should be about the children, ALWAYS, and when we forget that, we tend to become a part of the overall problem.

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