Aug 27

sad woman with abuser

Many people assume that prostitutes are unintelligent victims of overly smart street hustlers with a hard backhand, a 9mm handgun and a lack of empathy but the truth of the matter is that there is a method to the madness that is The Game and the art of making and breaking a prostitute. The main source of power that a pimp has over his/her product is called psychological imprisonment and I would warn that many of you judging the prostitute may be a broke day and an act of loyalty away from being one yourself.

The following 7 rules are a variation of The Laws of The Game that have been used by pimps since time immortal and they are accompanied by my insights as to how your marriage or relationship could very well be along the same lines as a pimp/prostitute relationship. Sure your husband or wife may not beat you with a wire hanger when you don’t bring home the money, but the guilt you feel may be yielding the exact same results in a non-violent way.

Observe the following list and ask yourself the questions as you get to them. If you answer yes to most of these things then chances are you are in an unhealthy situation that will require outside help to escape.

1. A Prostitute Must Rely On Her Man For Everything.

Do you work to help out with the bills, procure some spending money, or to further your career currently? If you were to suggest any of these or make moves to get yourself employed would your partner get upset? Are you a housewife out of necessity or want by your man and did you agree to it willingly when it was first suggested?

2. A Prostitute Knows That She Is Low and Replaceable 

Is this the way you feel in your relationship? Do you feel as if you could lose your man/girl at any time if he/she gets fed up with you or gets upset? Do you find yourself doing everything in your power to keep him/her happy and consider yourself luck to have him/her? Do you feel as if the same sentiment isn’t felt or returned by your lover?

3. A Prostitute Must Know Fear…

Is your relationship one that allows for you to talk about our mistakes when they occur like normal couples do? When your man/girl becomes upset are you afraid of their words, physical abuse, or the harm that they may even do to themselves? Do you find yourself being afraid of “messing up” in order to steer clear of these situations?

4. A Prostitute Can Never Be Trusted No Matter What

Do you have trust in your relationship or are you constantly under an observant eye? Does your partner go through your phone and your emails to see if there’s a chance you are keeping something secret? Are you a victim of domestic violence?

5. A Smart Pimps Stays 2 Steps Ahead Of His Prostitutes

Is your partner as transparent as you are about career, motivations and ambitions? Does he/she get upset when you ask too many questions as to whereabouts, motives or plans? Does he/she always seem to know what you are about to do or say in just about every situation?

6. A Pimp Is A Prostitute’s Everything

Is your partner your all? Would you rather die than live without him/her? Even if you were abandoned by this person and left for dead, would you still feel this way? Have you sacrificed a large portion of your life and those who love you in order to remain with him/her?

7. A Prostitute Is Not Allowed To Have Friends And Family

Does your partner distrust your friends and family to the point where he/she gets extremely upset when you either see them or express wont to see them? Is your partner hostile to people who know you that he/she has never spoken to or met in person?

* * * *

Scary stuff I know, but there are 10 rules to the game (I gave you 7) and if you find yourself being guilty of 5 or 6 of these then you are in massive trouble. I am not a pimp, never have been, so I feel no qualms with “giving up the game” to you my readers. Remember, you don’t have to be a street walker to have a pimp in your life. Observe these rules and be sure to keep your relationships as a democratic partnership and not an indentured servitude of love.

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  • C’mon Man

    Man that advice was hella on time, I see so many men and women caught in psychotic relationships and can’t out with someone dying. What a tragic loss of life.

    • karina


      • Karina

        My best friend was in an unhealthy relationship, where sure the guy was cute, but always manipulated her. Once he suggested that she meet up with one of his friends and even sleep with him, she realized she was almost been treated like a prostitute. As soon as she realized this, she cut him out of her life for good.