Aug 02

I’ve heard that even the late Mafia Boss of all Bosses Salvatore “Charles” Lucania absolutely hated his nickname “Lucky Luciano”. Nobody wants to be known as “Lucky”, we all want credit for what we’ve rightfully earned.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the fact that there is no real attempt at empathizing with people who are assumed to have money. If you came from nothing, ground your way up to a sky-rise through your own blood, sweat and tears, people will still have the audacity to call you lucky. Oh he has nothing to complain about, he has all the money in the world, I wish I was that “lucky”, blah, blah, blah. It boils my blood to no end when I see, hear and read this feedback. The only thing that the guy who made it is lucky with is that he wasn’t stuck being as carefree as the person diminishing his work. I know it’s harsh but lets be for real here – start 2 guys out on the same road with the same realities and the same situations and I guarantee you that the mogul will still end up a mogul and his critic will still call him lucky. This is why it is annoying.

“It Could Always Be Worse”

Don’t you love this phrase? It’s a great “glass half full” attitude but in this context it isn’t being used that way. When you complain as a person that is doing well, people say this to denote “what do you have to complain about, you could always be broke or destitute”. Well couldn’t it also be much better? What’s the point in making a statement like that?” This is the main reason why as your financial situation betters it forces you to move on past negative and unsupportive friends. If you are only allowed to be this positive, ever giving saint who cannot express any sadness or disappointment, then how can you be a friend?

The same people who see you as lucky will see you as convenient when it comes time to borrow money or help them out of a jam. They don’t realize that inferring luck on your hardwork is offensive, they just equate money earning to the American Bolita / Lottery system so if you have it you were “blessed” unlike them. The same people downplaying a man’s efforts and rewards are the same type that will call him cheap, tight, or a miser… HOW IS THIS SUPPORTIVE!?

You’re Asking The Wrong Questions

I always wonder why people who envied the position of others didn’t just ask them questions about their business, stocks and/or decision-making. They instead ask for loans that they will never be able to repay, or for hand-me-downs which they still see value in. Most people I know that are doing well are so eager to share their success story that it sits on the tip of their tongue waiting to jump-off. Some are more than willing to help someone who wants to try and do better, but people don’t ask these questions, it’s this ego thing where you don’t want that guy to think he’s better than you (he’s not even thinking about you). In my opinion this is a destructive and stagnant way of thinking.

If you are interested in doing better and becoming “lucky”, just ask your buddy who’s doing well, he may save your life, just don’t call him “lucky”, it’s offensive.

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