Nov 01


“Hot damn hoe, here we go again.” – MC Lyte

When Jay-Z learned that Cristal Wine didn’t have black people in their best interests, he quickly dropped them and let it be known publically that he no longer supported them. Now that Barneys New York is under investigation, his silence suddenly makes him labeled as the biggest coon in the world to Black America. 

Why do people think that because Jay-Z is black and ridiculously rich, that he will turn into Jesse Jackson overnight? Go ahead and mull that over while I sit here shaking my head.

For years upon years Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has given us the raw facts about who he is. We all know who Jay-Z is; he is a hustler, survivor, and one of the luckiest men on earth with a great portfolio, successful wife and a beautiful baby daughter. Jay-Z has never pretended to care for anyone else but his own and he has rapped and rapped and rapped about this for over 10 albums in his discography.

Jay-Z’s tales of rags to riches has never come with thanks to the black community for supporting him, or promise to “give back” to anybody because like many bootstrappers before him, his business is his own. I know all of this because I have listened to his music and followed his career for years—just like many of you reading—so when Black Twitter America turned him into public enemy number one for not dropping an alliance with an allegedly racist company, I felt confused as to what people expected.

Save us oh rich Jay-Z you are our only hope!

Jay-Z does not owe any of us anything and if I was to flip the questions as to “why don’t YOU step up” to many of his haters, there would be little to say in retaliation. Why don’t WE step up and take companies like Barneys New York to task about racially profiling black people? Since I see that the derail has gone unto full on train-busting wreckage. Nobody can name the young man and woman who were racially profiled but there’s a whole lot of judgment on the rich black guy for staying very quiet. Now that’s the crux of the problem isn’t it? The old narrative of the poor-minded who feel that with money (no matter how it was gained) should come this new responsibility of being the poor man’s bitch.


I’m sorry folks but the real world does not work this way and I will say it again, Jay-Z does not owe YOU a damn thing. It does not matter how many names you call him in magazines/ blogs or the rich-shaming language you use like “greedy”, “Illuminati”, or whatever else you think will hurt him if he somehow reads it. The man has always rhymed about coming up from the streets, narrowly dodging the jailing that comes with that life to being one of the richest black men in America. He does not care… so can you please stop begging and get back to the real issue and the people that were discriminated against? Tell you what, I will remind you of what their names are; Trayon Christian and Kayla Phillips.

Losing Focus…

There is this pattern that happens whenever someone files a complaint, sues a major company, or asks for reparations for a slight and it goes viral. What tends to happen is that we the public will do our share in making it more viral (by posting it on Facebook), we will make a lot of noise, and then if the person wronged is black, people immediately scream for a member of the “black elite” to step in and make a difference.

Noble as it seems, what comes from this is not the great save that everyone expect, but a shifting of the focus from the villain and/or victim, unto said would-be savior. People who would never give anything to charity or change begin to scream bloody murder at the “rich man” or “rich woman” (right Oprah?) demanding that they give of their millions because… well they got it and forget that the guy and gal in the mirror has yet to do anything.

Stop asking Jay-Z to be your Jesus and step up; he was forced to issue a statement after the screaming and crying for him to drop his partnership prematurely (out of principle) got so loud that even the mainstream media joined in on the chorus. He owes you nothing, but if you feel strongly about it, you can join the fight at

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