Oct 13

Is it worth it to tarnish your name as a woman by going after an athlete that has given you “the business”? I am baffled by the random Barbie dolls who pop up every other month to oust a celebrity. The reason I am baffled is because I cannot imagine any amount of money that would make up for the reputation that you get as a Monica Lewinsky, a Rachel Uchitel and a Karla Knafel? Lets not forget Super Head Karrine Steffans who mastered the game of split n snitch

I mean honestly what do you get? A boatload of money which probably makes you more prostitute than anything else, the ridicule of the world (and bloggers like myself), unwanted cheers and jeers, and a legacy as a slut to anyone that can remember your name. Can you believe I forgot Monica Lewinsky’s name while writing this? thank you Google! We always go at the athlete (or president) to do better but doesn’t it take two? And for the women, who ultimately lose 100% of the time in terms of defamation of character, what do you gain outside of a shitty reputation post snitching?

Jenn who?

So the latest snitch in the news is this Jenn Sterger and some pictures and voicemails that Brett Favre allegedly sent to her. Your first reaction is probably “who cares” but it’s cared about enough to get commentary from anyone associated with the NFL. The story is that miss Sterger (who is a dead ringer for Favre’s wife) was approached and hit on by the veteran quarterback, leading up to him sending her pictures of his deal (penis). Okay I’ll wait until you stop laughing, well okay… why now Jenn? I am sure Favre camp has already cut you a check since you are no longer talking about it but how did the website who revealed the news magically get the ammo? Let me tell you how, they cut you a check and now your rep is about to be total shit.

I did a shallow Google search to see what the buzz is on Sterger and here are 2 gems out of the hundreds that I saw:

Really!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we just enjoy a season of football!!! I’m a woman and I don’t even believe the “load of crap and BS” that has surfaced. So why did Jenn and her sidekicks wait so long to bring the “facts” to the public….I’ll tell you why…..she decided she needs some money to make a few more “enhancements” [hopefully a brain transplant is on the list!!] and to revitalize hers career [which one I’m not sure!!!!!!!!!]. Personally I think this was started by someone in or around the area of the JETS organization because they didn’t think they could beat the Vikings fair and square. – Sassybrat2010

Ego maniac horny married qb sends nudies to pub hound “sportscaster” skeeze and of course she’s sooooooooo outraged……America 2010….GreatQB44

Ahhh, the honesty of anonymity on the internet. Back to my point, you snitch and everyone ultimately hates you and your meager pay day – so why even do it? I know what you’re saying “Greg Dragon these women are (insert slur)s and they aren’t really thinking! They end up loving the guys and then when they can’t get them they react emotionally”. Bah, ask Lewinsky if she enjoyed coming clean about Bubba Clinton, ask the Woods mistresses that had careers if the negative attention was comfortable.

Jump-offs, side-pieces and new booties, please think before you snitch, it’s all making me too sad. Here’s a clue… STOP SNITCHIN!!

And your reward for making it this far! Some Sinful Sterger-Grahams:

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  • Tony

    Can we really expect better though?

    She is the girl that got put on because she was the hot girl on camera at Florida State. If Brent Musburger never said (paraphrasing) “20000 high school men all just decided to go to FSU” we would know who she is at all.

    • You know you’re right about considering the source but this is the same woman who wants to be “respected” now for her sideline reporting. She took it as far as getting the fake boobs removed and has only the non T&A pics on her website (I bet she’s hating Google right about now) so I figured she should be above the scandal for dollars game. Oh well shows how much I know, you can take the silicone out of the Barbie but you can’t take the Barbie out of… wait that one doesn’t work, nevermind.

  • Tony

    In a way, I respect her hustle. She’s taking the long view, she’s not trying to be a sports sex symbol at 45. In a year nobody will be talking about this and she may have etched out a career as a TV personality. All in all, not a bad haul for the girl.