Jan 04

Can we call a moratorium on the mom/girlfriend comparisons? Sure while many guys do look for women that hold traits that their mothers have, they aren’t the all. Many of us have developed a liking for women that are like our first girlfriend, like a character from a movie or just someone we consider cool. Thinking that you can gauge how a guy will love you by his interaction with his mother is a flawed concept. Think about it, there are pimps who keep their life’s work away from their families and look out for their moms just like there are womanizers who give the side-eye to men who come into their mother’s life.

I have seen quite a few women try to meet my mother in order to put this silly theory to task but really it means nothing. Some guys I know worship their wives and treat their mothers like shit. All-in-all it seems a hard concept to grasp by people who have been convinced otherwise.

Mom’s are from Saturn, women are from Venus

When someone makes the statement that a man can’t think about women a certain way because it includes their mother it makes them seem stupid to a man. This is because we hold mother to a different reality than that of some chick we’re just trying to bust. Comparisons between a random woman and our mothers just won’t correlate in a man’s mind. Sure we understand what you’re getting at but it just seems like a childish jab being that we don’t think that way. All women can be considered to be bitches but mom is still mom.

So when you read advice like this from “experts” like Steve Harvey, be sure to question it before accepting it. Some men hate women but love their mother. The movie White Heat with James Cagney as a gangster sociopath exemplifies this. The infamous words at the end by Cagney “look ma, top of the world!” Was attributed to his ambition for the sake of his mother, the same man who mushed his abused girlfriend in the face with a grapefruit. No women, you are not on the same level as mom so give up that foolish notion.

So if it’s a gauge on how a man will treat you that you seek then consult a psychic as even his ex may have been very different from you. As I’ve always said, a man’s handling of his relationship with a woman changes as he goes from woman to woman. Take a look at the signs within your own relationship and for your own sanity, go ahead and leave his mother out of it.

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