Dec 15

So there are a few weeks left in the NFL Season and you find yourself in front of the couch every Sunday to watch the big game.  To your woman it will seem as if you forgot about her as you disappear for 8+ hours on Sundays (sometimes without even leaving your home).  This isn’t a problem if you are the lucky guy that found a woman who loves football or one that takes the time to have her own fun.  But for many guys this is hardly the case so I have come up with a few tips to keep you in good graces with your woman while getting in your football fix.

  1. Introduce her to the game and some of its players:  By doing this you are inviting her to share something that you enjoy (for once), and she will probably start to enjoy watching it because she can finally understand the games.
  2. DVR or TiVo the game and take your lady out for a nice time.  But be sure to avoid any places that will show the game, and avoid using any technology to check the score.  If you are able to avoid any updates, you will enjoy watching it on later on as if you were watching it live.
  3. If she hates football, but is willing to watch the games with you, don’t get frustrated when she asks questions.  I know this can be frustrating at times, but remember she can easily demand that you turn the T.V. to HLN or Lifetime and an argument will ensue.
  4. Shut up and watch the game. If you are loud and obnoxious during the games to the point where your significant other decides to watch T.V. in another room, don’t let your loud noises interrupt her enjoyment. You should not waste her nice gestures on your inability to calm down or you may never see them again.
  5. Take her to a live NFL football game. Typically most people won’t say no to the viewing of a professional sporting event.  Take her with you, and let her take in the spectacle that is NFL football. See if you can even get her in a photo with one of the players; you would have just created a football fan for life, and will be able to watch your beloved sport without the resistance.
  6. If you are dating an athletic woman, sign up for a Co-ed flag football league. This is a great way to introduce her to the game and an activity both of you can do together.  The bonus to this is both of you will get a great workout as well, so this is the ultimate option if you can pull it off.

These strategies won’t work on every woman, but at the minimum she will at least see that you’re making some sort of effort to put her before football.  Football is one of the things that can be polarizing in a relationship; it can bring you together or push you apart. You have to know your lady well enough to know what tactics will work.

If you take the bull headed approach and choose to not take her feelings into consideration you are setting yourself up for more pain and stress over the long run when it isn’t even necessary.  Follow these 6 tips, or come up with some on your own to make sure that your relationship survives this and upcoming NFL season.

Credit for Photos | Images: The Sports Fan Journal
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