Apr 15

Keri Hilson has posed nude for Allure magazine and her haters are going crazy on the internet about it. As you can see the shoot was very airbrushed oops I mean tasteful so it’s not as if she opened the pearly gates for Playboy or worse. So why all the hate? Let’s break it down to it’s bare structure and you will see that Keri can piss gold to save the economy and people will still hate her. At the core of the hate, there is the stigma of the pretty girl, that I have explained several times over on this site.

Keri Hilson isn’t built like the stereotypical black woman, her singing is not as strong as the best in her genre and her songs (at least the ones I hear) aren’t exactly classics. She rides the central wave of sex-appeal and radio music which sends the purists looking for an Anita Baker type running to the central square with tomatoes to throw at her. As we all know, women don’t really like other women, so considering what Keri has, and what women especially hate in each other, you will find that there is just no winning for her. But before I do the bullet points, you’re probably wondering about the guys, how do guys feel about naked Keri in Allure?

She’s aiight, she’s aiiight, I mean, it’s not like she’s Meagan “it gets no better” Good or anything, but she holds the attention. She’s a pretty girl, let any Hollywood stud throw her into his zone and you will not see anybody arguing that she is not hot enough… like these same haters do with Denzel Washington’s wife (that’s an article on it’s own). Keri however looks like that chick in school that not-so-cute black girls hate on for no reason. Get mad at me if you want to, I’ve been there, I know what I’m talking about, and you cannot deny it. Let’s break it down:

Women hate on Keri Hilson because:

  • She isn’t Beyonce Knowles.
  • Like Ciara, who they hate too, she has a body that isn’t built like a video vixen yet manages to attract men all the same.
  • Sex sells and instead of pretending to beat a bible, she opens up shop.
  • She has bitchy eyes. Hell I think bitchy eyes are sexy, but women look at it as “oh she think she all that!” Whatever, pretty girls rock!
  • Her songs are radio cotton candy and not bitter ballads like those of Lauryn Hill.
  • R&B is akin to Gospel, so anybody sexing it up is a damn demon and will burn in God’s hell. Keri sexes it up.

As you can see, her transgressions are things that cannot be helped no matter what she does. Keri should be applauded for lacking a boob job, a butt job and all the other stupid, ridiculous, “jobs” that women of her age are doing now in celebrity world. Sure she doesn’t look like she was raised on McDonalds and hog maws but she’s still a creature of beauty, why hide the body? You would think that a woman like Keri would be left alone to her fans, but when you see commentary like this, it makes you wonder:

“Another dog that can not sing, so lets get naked” – Freddy

“Why didn’t SKANKY KERI do PLAYBOY?” – Dime Piece (Editor’s Note: heh, I doubt this name beats the irony)

It’s a sad case of losers being losers, typical as it is. Anyhoo, I wish more celebs of color would drop the false church bravado and drop trou for magazines. I get complaints about such-and-such not being in the gallery but people don’t realize that the reason lies with such-and-such lacking images. Say what you will about Keri Hilson, we appreciate her bravery and beauty in putting her body up for scrutiny like she has.

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  • To me, everything about Keri is just average at best. Her looks hold my attention for a moment until she opens her mouth to start singing. I’m not in the crowd of haters of Keri. I want her to keep doing her thing, but she is better fit being the writer that has made her successful to this point.