Nov 04

Newsflash, another celebrity is getting divorced!

After 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian’s romance with Kris Humphries took a tragic turn as the E! reality star filed for divorce.

Has the speedy termination of her wedding caused American youth to think twice about marriage? Probably. The truth is, Hollywood has been a long running bad advertisement for marriage in general.

Seventy-two days is awesome! That’s about two whole months! I can list at least 5 Hollywood couples that didn’t last half that long. As a matter of fact, I think I will.

  1. Zsa Zsa Garbir and Felipe De Alba’s marriage was annulled after one day of marriage in 1982. Ms. Garbir was a big deal in early Hollywood. She even stared in the 1952 Moulin Rouge. This was her 8th marriage, and it wasn’t her last.
  2. Pop Star Britney Spears and Kevin Federline made headlines in 2004 when they married and had the ceremony annulled within 55 hours.
  3. Robin Givens and Svetozar Marinkovic married in 1997 and separated in less than 24 hours. The American model and actress officially filed for divorce a month later.
  4. Actor Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips were married on October 31st, 1970. The marriage ended 8 days later
  5. Actor Eddie Murphy exchanged spiritual vows with Tracy E. Edmonds on January 1, 2008. Their union didn’t last long enough to make it to a legal ceremony. Their spiritual relationship lasted for two weeks.

Believe me, there’s many more. Many celebrities’ marriages can’t withstand the first year. There may be many reasons for this. Celebrities are under constant pressure and often travel. If sites like Ashley Madison are any indication, there is no shortage of married people looking for an affair or single people looking to have relations with someone married.

Kim Kardashian is just the next in a very long historic line of celebrity divorces, and she probably won’t be the last.

Why on earth should I spend all this money (the average cost of a wedding in America is over $28,000, not to mention the average engagement ring, which cost almost $6,000.)? Is there a point? Ms. Kardashian and her proceeding divorcees have shown the world just how fickle love can be. It’s hard to find and hard to hold on to. Nothing puts a dent in your idea of love like watching a fairytale wedding fall apart on Television.

Before you cancel your wedding plans, there are plenty of facts that support marriages. A study of people married in 1980 looked at college grads who got married before and after age 26. Of those married before their 26th birthday, 65% were still married 20 years later. Those who married after the age of 26 boasted 81% of couples still together.

In May, the AP released statistics about current marriage trends. About 46% of couples who married 25 years ago have since divorced. However, numbers for divorce among young or recently married couples show less divorce than they did a few decades ago.

If Kim Kardashian is what makes people think twice about marriage, all the better. It’s not something to be rushed. Don’t get married for fame or because your biological clock is ticking. Before you put that ring on your finger, take a moment to think with your head before your heart.

Just to be safe, you may want to avoid marrying a celebrity if you can.

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  • Zsa Zsa Gabor, not Zsa Zsa Gabir. Perhaps a quick fact checking and spell checking might come in handy next time. 🙂

  • Also, Britney Spears married Jason Allen Alexander, NOT Kevin Federline, for 55 hours, after which the wedding was annulled.

    She was, in fact, married to Kevin Federline for over two years and had two children with him.

    Fact checking!