Aug 16

Calling a professional escort a friend is a dangerous thing to do. I’m not talking about the stigmata of “birds of a feather flock together” or anything like that. I’m talking dangerous in a sense that the world of sex, drugs and money can take an educated woman and make her a pawn in a game that only leads her life downhill.   You may be fascinated with the fact that these women are so easily able to show their bodies with no remorse or be touched by random men, but your curiosity may be the ammo she needs to pimp you out to her world.  Yes, I said pimp you out. Take you while you are broken, give you the things that you think you long for, show you that life can be (financially) better, all while she sits back and counts her change.  If you find yourself in a vulnerable place in life where it seems as if you would try anything to change your position, beware of the signs of recruitment from this so called friend.

“I used to be where you are”.

The “talk” starts off with this phrase after she pours you a glass of your favorite cocktail. If she knows you, she will pick your favorite poison and provide it to you in a large quantity so what she tells you sinks in.  She used to be broke.  She used to feel like things weren’t going to change financially. She used to feel like men never treated her right or ever appreciated her.  But that all changed when she started the life.  Now look at her. She has all the [fill in the blank] that she can ever want plus some to share.  Men are falling over themselves and reaching DEEP into their pockets just to spend a day (or night) with her.  You cannot fall for this. Remember that other women have also been where you are and have pulled themselves out of it by simply becoming better women, tightening their wallets, and hustling their (non sexual) talents in entrepreneurship.

Oh, woe is me!

As a woman, it is easy to fall into a mindset that this “friend”, being a woman herself, should care about you and your well being. Some of them are single mothers who got caught up in trying to make “better” lives for themselves and their kids.  But don’t be fooled!!! Some of these women become greedy and have a pattern of ways to prey on your weaknesses which will be easiest if you have a low self esteem when it comes to men.  Make no mistake, these women do not genuinely like men. Men are a means to an end for them, so if you are whining to her about how Stephen, like all the others, treated you like last week’s trash, she will see this as her opportunity to turn your heart cold where men are concerned.  Don’t let her taint your heart.  Once you are on the Men Ain’t Shit bandwagon, you are prime for the transformation.

Stripping is easy, girl!

Professional escorts will not immediately expect you to jump into the lifestyle head first.  She may start you off slow, getting you interested in something like stripping. She will first get your mental calculator in check by explaining that she makes anywhere from $300 to $2000 a night, depending on the day.  If you are not looking to be rich but rather just have a little extra money, stripping may sound good to you because with that type of salary, you only have to degrade yourself say, two or three times a month.  If you immediately display your uneasiness as a woman who is not too sure about feeling like an object she may say things like “girl, I work at a topless bar, so it’s not fully nude”, or “it’s just like when you at the club dancing with someone”.  She will probably do pretty much anything to make you feel comfortable about getting that money.  In fact, this is more than likely how she got started in the business, but she got greedy and decided the fast life was the way to go.

Internet pron is the new black.

If you are completely opposed to stripping, she may try to sell you on internet porn, especially if she has her own site because it will make her more money as well.  Once it is mentioned, stripping automatically sounds like the better option due to your fear of someone you know seeing you online in compromising positions.  However, she has the perfect rebuttal for your worries.  With the birth of Photoshop, her webmaster has the means to put a tattoo on your body, remove (or place) moles, change your hair color, eye color, you name it.  She will assure you that nobody will know it’s you.  And if it makes you feel better, since you guys are “friends”, maybe you can start off in photos only with her.  She may even set up a private session with her photographer. That way she can disguise her opportunity to see how you look on film as a courtesy photo shoot for you to finally have those sexy pictures of yourself that all women want.  Fall into this trap and you will end up fighting off the photographer who happens to double as a fluffer, or getting taken by surprise when other “models” show up unexpectedly to join in your photoshoot.

The Escort Trial

Hopefully she will not be able to get this far in her quest for you to succumb to her lifestyle, but if for some reason she gets to this point, you are now in real serious danger.  If she is confident enough that you would be down to perform a trick or two in the comfort of a private place, she will arrange for it to happen so she can assess your money making skills.  She won’t outright tell you what’s going down for fear of you being timid, but rather disguise it as a double date with her “friend” and his boy, hoping you will fall into compliance.  Money will never be discussed with your or put in your hands, as the night has been arranged by her.  It may start off as innocently as possible with a nice dinner.  Red flags will appear in the form of her date not knowing her real name (he calls her something like Candy, Mercedes, or Lovely), or your date touching you a little too much during dinner.  When the dinner is over, everyone goes to the same place to “hang out”.  She disappears with her date and you are left to fend off the touchy feely guy who is obviously pissed that you aren’t that kind of girl. The danger falls in here, as the situation can possibly lead to a rape when he decides he is going to get what he paid for.

The life of sex for money is not the life that one who considers herself going somewhere should be associated with, let alone dragged into.  A wise person once said that a strong woman is one who overcomes adversity without losing the goodness of her character.  Being a hateful bitter woman, a hardened woman, a scorned woman, etc. will only lead to the loss of good character and bad decision making. As I said in the beginning, this chick is not your friend and will prove it once you reject her advances.  She will no longer have a use for you and will be ghost on her own merit.  I know my fellow lady dragons are not the types who fall short in character, esteem, or confidence, so just take this as a warning if you have people like this in your life or know someone who is vulnerable to these types.  Knowing the signs of recruitment and not surrendering to the recruiter can thwart a life changing turn down the wrong path.

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  • Kat

    It is quite obvious that you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Shame on you.

  • Marsha

    He’s dead on…. The girl who I called my best friend set me up to be raped our senior year in high school…. I learned the hard way to watch who you hang with…