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I wish people would fact-check their stories before crucifying others on the internetGreg Dragon

The New York Jets (who looked embarrassingly bad on the field in their season opener) has a new show on HBO and a need to get you – the fans to watch said reality TV show. That is all I am going to say about that, configure your own conspiracy theory. Recently the buzz out of the Jets locker room has been about nuclear hot TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz (a woman that makes wearing ass-cupping jeans a science) was sexually harassed verbally by players on the team – inside The Jets locker room. In real world terms this reads as: hot reporter enters locker room with a bunch of hard legs and dudes tried to holler at her or one up each other on cat calls. Ladies raise your hands if you’ve been there (sans locker room) that’s what I thought – this is guy activity 24/7/365.

You can look at Ines and tell that it’s another day in the life of… guys act like dumbasses over women who look like Ines. This makes it easy for stupid ass bloggers to immediately pile-on about her since well… beautiful women are the enemy. I want to point out to you readers that Ines is a professional and it was another random, probably-jealous reporter that blew this thing up to the point of where it is today. Watch the following video.

When interviewed Ines explained that she wasn’t the snitch…

| Ines Interview available here:

The New York Post reported that as Ines was being cat-called another reporter asked if she was okay (I am guessing this other not-so-hot reporter was the whistle blower). After the blow up and internet opinions went wild Sainz tweeted:  “I died of discomfort, I am in the Jets locker room waiting for Mark Sanchez and trying to look what was going on at my sides.”

Maybe the mistake was in trying to interview a scrub quarterback inside a wolves’ lair huh Miss Sainz? I kid, I kid, calm down Jets fans. Ines has said that she wants to return to the locker room at a later date but if I were Jets management I would go ahead and kill the notion of any female reporter over a 4 in the 10 point scale making it into that den from now on… wait this just in… what Mike? Huh? Female reporters typically don’t fall below an 8 on the looks scale? Oh well hell, I guess they better keep all reporters out of that bish from now on then huh?

Here’s a message to the Jets: how about you play better football and worry about chasing hawte Latina tail later on in the post-season okay? Until then I would like for the real snitch to step forward since I KNOW it wasn’t Ines to start the shit-storm so that we can see what he/she looks like. For now you can enjoy the pics… No disrespect ladies but if I was in that locker room I may have cat-called myself, damn Ines holler at your boy! WOOF!

Ines Sainz Gallery (SFW)

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  • We already had this discussion elsewhere.. But I just want to make this mo’ public.. and give this 1 mo’ minute of my time. I believe there’s no sin in sensuality.. But this sister is doing professional woman in sports reporting a disservice. She’s not sexy or sensual. She’s sense-less. Literally. And she’s not gonna holla at you. She wants you to WOOF and Holla at huh!

    [Yes.. I said “Huh.” ebonics for her. My daughter says I only use that when I’m in ghetto ninja mama mode! ]

    • I think this situation is doing professional women a disservice, I definitely agree. Imagine if the NFL and other professional sports decide to lock their doors to the press off of this one situation. Ines Sainz knows what she’s doing with the way she dresses and does her thing, it’s her niche for the TV Azteca audience (I can attest to the hyper-sexualized imagery of women on every Spanish station on my cable… not complaining). People who watch her do so for reasons other than sports and she has earned a level of fame for it, so her “look” is a bit much for anybody.

      My issue with this whole ordeal has more to do with the blame game than the actual incident. If she had worn a loose-fitting pant suit into that locker room and dudes disrespected her then she coming forward with a complaint is 100% valid. In this situation she wore form-fitting clothes and got cat-called, then another woman decided to get crazy and blow it out of proportion. Without that other woman neither of us would be talking about Ines.

      It’s a thing where I think the snitch is the root of the problem not the hot-dressing woman that is wrongly the focus of the angst on the internet.

  • Coco

    I found this ridiculous, everyone knows the dumb ass lady doesn’t need to be wearing that tight of jeans when trying to report for a game???
    What were you thinking??
    Wear those super super super super super tight jeans outside of your job.
    I don’t even wear those jeans in public, I don’t ever wear those type of jeans, and I have a much better body than her. That says something, she’s low class, no brained obviously.
    I don’t flaunt my curves 24/7 like I’m some wanna be hooker, wearing clothes temp.
    Do us all a favor and wear decent clothes to your damn job, if you seriously need that much attention to your ass, you need to grow up.

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