Jul 11

If you’re a man that loves women and you have a pulse, you need to go ahead and set your calendar for September 22nd. Why? Well it’s when all sorts of hawte will be on ABC shooting up the screen and fogging up your glasses. No this isn’t a bait and switch but being that it’s ABC we had better show up en masse to make sure that this show stays on the air or it won’t see 5 episodes, trust me! What show? Charlie’s Angels, thats what show – this time a little less 70’s era Lily white with the inclusion of the beautiful Annie Ilonzeh as Kate. That’s if you like sweet milk chocolate, for the boys craving some bright-haired Aussie sunshine you can check out Rachael Taylor as Abby Sampson (she played the hot blonde nerd on Transformers 2), and for the rest of you that don’t fear Derek Jeter’s killer swing, you can gawk at his lady: Minka Kelly as Eve.

“I have a bit of a femme fatale / bad girl fetish…”

…I think it’s either from my Tomb Raider fandom or all the blaxpoitation movies I watched coming up with Pam Grier and Tamara Dobson beating people’s ass like no tomorrow. Maybe it was the Cynthia Rothrock movies… I don’t know, but if you have beauty and danger mixed into one person, you better believe I’m paying attention. After the remake of Charlie’s Angels and it’s brutal sequel – which I admitedly only watched for Lucy Liu being that she is a proven action heroine, I know this show will be largely ignored by everyone. Still, just like I push Sci-Fi (because that’s what good Sci-Fi fans do), I have to push for some action heroines… I mean Bionic Woman failed HARD and we made sure that horrible Wonder Woman train wreck never saw the light of day, so we owe it ourselves to check out Charlies Angels… especially since La Femme Nikita (the tv show) is sooo bad! No disrespect to Maggie Q.

Anyway, remember September 22nd, no worries your wife can watch it too – for “latin lover” Ramon Rodriguez as Bosley (obviously my attempt at a joke, calm down). If you still can’t forget Cameron “tries too hard” Diaz being a semi-cute, goofball in the bad remakes then consider this gallery to whet your appetite for the NEW Angels:

Once it launches, come back here and tell me what you think! I will be reviewing it over at our sister site Spicy Movie Dogs.

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