Aug 17

Alpha nerds exist, they are either awesome or irritating depending on which table you’re eating at. To fellow nerds, the alpha is the one who “gets all the girls”, the brave one, the leader… you know that guy. To other people on the outside he’s the dorkiest, loudest, most annoying sonuvabitch in the place and you really wish you could punch him or lock him away.

In Revenge of The Nerds (1984), Robert Carradine plays one of the greatest Alpha nerds in Lewis Skolnick. Lewis was a social reject but he was not shy, quiet or reserved, quite the opposite. Lewis was outgoing, engaging and had an annoyingly loud but memorable laugh and he dressed in his own style which he believed was cool.

This is what put Lewis over and made him great, his ego and self-image went beyond all of the name-calling, jeers and taunts. Lewis 100% believed he was the shit, so when it came to stepping to women, taking on bullies or defending his bros, Lewis had no reservation.

Lewis Skolnick is a Reel Man of Cinema because he embodies the spirit of the confident alpha male. He destroys all pre-conceived notions that being Alpha has to go hand-in-hand with being a physically blessed douchebag that quarterbacks for a team.

In Revenge of The Nerds, the punk ass jocks made life hell for Lewis and his friends, first by commandeering their dorms and then with taking over the student government so that they could make laws to keep nerds down. Everybody let themselves be drug down by these bullies but Lewis organized, he fought back and as icing on the cake he banged the head jock’s woman and she loved every second of it (BEAST MODE!)

While Nerd has become so mainstream that it is now a term of endearment more so than one of insult, the picking on the “weird” kid thing has not slowed down. For those who get bullied you may want to look to Lewis Skolnick as an example of confidence trumping both looks and athleticism. It’s not about what you can do, it’s about how you do it, just ask Buffy about Lewis’s “technique”. A great movie and a great character, check it out!

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