Jul 06


Life feels like a road trip sometimes doesn’t it? You have a destination but sometimes you just want to drive. In the road you have reckless people in their fast fancy sports cars and you have the careful ones in their safe, quiet hybrids; everyone cruising at their choice speed.

So which one are you? Do you find yourself screaming at the slow drivers holding you back from your destination or do you maneuver your vehicle to block those who would fly past you because they have the horsepower to do so?

A real world example of all this is the work force; when a new, hungry employee starts and begins to blaze a trail to promotion. You have the salty lifer at the job who will warn him/her that it is futile and you may even have the failed brown-noser who wants him to slow down or fail.

We tend to use the word hater for people who make it a mission to block the lane for people trying to get ahead but there is nothing cute about it.

What does a motorist gain by blocking a speeding luxury car aside from road rage and a few minutes of drama? Nothing, yet for some reason we all do it.

Life does not reward the mediocre or he underachieving; it tends to give back what you have put into it with a certain amount of luck multiplied in there.

Blocking traffic in life or speeding past slow people while giving them the finger does nothing for you outside of earning you an asshole title. At the same time as an ambitious driver you should mask your intent always in order to dodge the blockers and haters in life that aim to slow you.

The best drivers know how to dance with the ebb and flow of traffic, picking up on who is in a hurry and who is on a leisurely drive. Haters can’t block a lane from a speeder if they don’t see that speeder coming. So remember this whenever you find yourself wanting to block someone’s passage to success or maneuver your own in the traffic of everyday life.

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