Oct 24


Day by day we see reports of how well women are doing in the workplace leaning-in,cracking nuts and doing the damn thing. At the same time we are hearing about the failure of men at being fathers, being earners, and being educated. We are reminded that women are enrolling in college at record rates while the numbers for men are shrinking. We are rarely if ever given a reason why this is happening or a solution. Recently the website Top Masters in Education developed an infographic that tells the sad tale of how boys are fighting a losing game when it comes to academia. Quoted from the site:


In the beginning of life, boys and girls start out on mostly even footing. But not long after that, things begin to change.

For every 100 females …

born … 105 males are born

who are enrolled in kindergarten … 107 males are enrolled

who repeat kindergarten … 194 males repeat

who are suspended from public schools … 215 males are suspended

who are diagnosed with a learning disability … 276 males are diagnosed

who graduate from high school … 96 males graduate

who are enrolled in college … 78 males are enrolled

who have a master’s degree … 66 males have the same degree

* The picture is even worse when looking at only low-income and minority boys and men.


The image is a frightening one as we see that more boys are repeating kindergarten, getting suspended and being diagnosed with learning disabilities. These boys will then grow up into a world that labels them as rapists, deadbeats, and dullards unable to keep up with their female counterparts. It is a pretty bad outlook for us and we must find a way to curb this as soon as possible. Here’s the full infographic from http://www.topmastersineducation.com/boys/.


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