Nov 06

dreama davidson

If you’re the average Joe or Jill Grind who goes to work, lunches with co-workers and runs home in the evening to do home work you probably find it hard to get into a fitness lifestyle. Part of the reason for this is the misconception that the path to fitness has to be a strict, regimented one that is largely unfun.

To be quite honest with you there is some pain, but it is pain that you can handle at your own pace. There is some scrutiny, but only if you let others in on your plans. Look I will be honest with you, when you are serious about your journey to get in better shape you accept it 100% as your own personal goal.

Think of it like drugs, and you are a drug addict – do you broadcast the fact that you are going to rehab on Facebook, Twitter and to co-workers? No you don’t, it’s your own personal thing and the only people in the know are those that are at the meetings, and your sponsor who makes sure that you are staying clean.

Dieting – your dirty little secret

If you know that you are weak around bad foods then you must stay away from places that have them in abundance. One of the most unexpected minefields for overweight people is the office break room – right? The office break room has fatty treats baked by people who aren’t on your journey and will not understand it, the same goes for birthday parties. It is up to you to find an excuse to avoid these places if you know that you’re not strong enough to fight off the hive of people who will force the cake down your throat.

When you are on your social media outlets resist the urge to broadcast your diet or take pictures of your delicious salad. The reason why you cannot share is because of the bitter people on your timeline who will scrutinize you when you fall off of the wagon. Post salads and brag about your diet on your timeline and the one picture of you at the office party slamming muffins will get you called out and talked about by your “friends”.

Keep it to yourself.

Blinders on when you’re training

Less people give a damn about you if you’re out of shape in the gym than when you are a fitness freak – trust me. Nobody cares enough to point at you and talk about you unless you are doing something ridiculously wrong on a machine like jerking squats or lifting weights wrongly to where it is both dangerous to them and yourself.

This is why you should not be afraid to get a trainer; you get a trainer not to have them whip you into shape but for you to learn how to work out so that you can take it on yourself at any time you feel fit. Heavy people who rely on a trainer will find themselves wanting to quit due to the hit to the pocketbook, or the slow progress that occurs in the beginning. Learn how to work out.

Once you have a routine under your belt – working out 3 days a week, jogging and eating right, it is important to obtain tunnel vision. What I mean by tunnel vision is that you should work on YOU and not let your eyes wander over to the perfect gym bunny doing walking lunges with weights and distracting all the boys in the yard. In the gym your only focus should be you and yours, and if you are lucky enough to have a partner, help them stay on point and have them do the same.

As I said this is a personal journey and if you are ready to get in shape you will put on the blinders, keep the progress to yourself and make it a personal journey that isn’t anybody’s business but your own.

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